The Traditional 12-Step Program

The Traditional 12-Step Program
The Traditional 12-Step Program

Our traditional program combines the principles of the twelve step programs with the proven efficacy of evidence based clinical and treatment practices to help identify and treat the underlying behavioral health issues that co-occur with addiction.

The 12-Step program was devised by the original founders of the “Alcoholics Anonymous” program which was created to facilitate the establishment of recovery guidelines that are proven to be effective in the recovery from drugs or alcohol.

At “Rehab South Florida” we take the recovery of our patients seriously and provide the 12-step program to help our patients with not only recovering from addiction but to maintain sobriety once rehab is completed.


The 12-Step program that patients will undergo during their treatment at our rehab facility will be inclusive of steps including:

  • That our lives had become tough and stressful due to the influence of alcohol
  • We believed that a higher power could be able to restore us and make us sane
  • That God will make a way for us and give us the strength to get over our addiction
  • Going deep into our thoughts and making a change in our lifestyle
  • Admitting to God, to ourselves and the people around us the nature of our wrongdoing.
  • Accepting our mistake and change our way of living by surrendering to God
  • Prayed to Him to remove all our shortcomings
  • Made amends with all the people we hurt in the course of this addiction.
  • Made changes in our way of living and made amends with the people we hurt the most directly by injuring them or others
  • Admitted to our mistake and continued to take personal inventory
  • Started meditating and self-healing to reverse the effects of our addiction and surrendering truly to God and having faith in Him that everything will go according to His will and stay strong throughout.
  • We had a spiritual awakening and due to this, we were on the path to salvation. We carry out this message to other alcoholics and help them to take these steps in all their affairs.

The 12-Step program is a nationally recognized program that has proven to be effective in thousands of drug/alcohol abuse cases and we’re excited to offer the program at our rehab center to help lead patients to a substance abuse-free lifestyle.