Rehab South Florida Detox Treatment – A Unique Detox Experience

Receiving detox treatment is the first step to overcoming addiction.  Drug and alcohol abuse has become an epidemic with an estimated 17 million people in the US aged 18+ being alcohol dependent.  At Rehab South Florida we take your recovery seriously and render effective detoxification treatments that will help you to regain your strength, health, and sobriety.

During Detox, our compassionate, experienced, and understanding nurses will work with you to manage any withdrawal symptoms that you experience during your treatment.  Detoxification can take between 3 and 7 days to complete though will depend on the type of drug used by the patient and the length in which it was used.

For severe addiction cases, a 30, 60 or 90-day program may be recommended and will be determined based on the results obtained by the medical assessment received.

While attending detox, physical and psychological withdrawals can be expected but a nurse will be by your side to manage these withdrawals.  At Rehab South Florida, patients have 24-hour access to medical care as needed.  Therapists will be available when emotions become too difficult to deal with which will help to alleviate mental anxiety during times of internal struggle.

Rather than turning to drug use to cope with withdrawals you’ll be able to stride through the cravings with the coaching and assistance from one of our addiction specialists or therapists; certainly, a much safer alternative to using drugs to temporarily rid unwanted feelings.

Through our detoxification treatment you’ll rid your body of the unwanted toxins and impurities that hold you back from achieving sobriety and having the health you want.

Let Rehab South Florida help you end addiction through our highly effective detox solution that will enable you to lead a life of sobriety!