Dr. Erwin Ramos

Dr. Erwin Ramos 1
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Completed his undergraduate studies from the Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA in 1992, with a BS in Psychology and pursued his Medical Degree from the University of the East Medical Center in the Philippines. After completing his medical training and in 1999, he briefly worked as a Cardiovascular Surgical Assistant at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, MD and offered an opportunity to participate in research at Wayne State University and Detroit Medical Center with the Department of Infectious Disease and Pediatrics. It was during this time Dr. Ramos was able to partake in research and publication. He then entered his Psychiatric Residency in 2006 with Creedmoor Psychiatric Center and training with NY Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University in New York.

He was awarded The Conrad Apgar Herr, MD Resident of the Year Award for Clinical and Academic Excellence throughout Residency Training and upon graduation, accepted a Fellowship opportunity with the University of Florida in Community and Public Psychiatry under the guidance of Dr. Richard Chistensen, MD, MA, well known for their Community Mental Health efforts in Floridian urban and rural communities. During his term with the University of Florida, Dr. Ramos was awarded the Mental Health Association of Indian River County Presidents Award in recognition for his assistance in building the local Mental Health Network.

After completion of his Fellowship in 2011, Dr. Ramos was appointed as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Community and Public Psychiatry at the University of Florida Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine in Vero Beach. He was awarded the University of Florida, College of Medicine Exemplary Teacher Award in 2012 for recognition of outstanding contributions toward creating a dynamic and innovative learning environment for students.

It was during his time with the University of Florida that Dr. Ramos had begun incorporating Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatments as an option for patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder.

In 2014, Dr Ramos had moved towards an individual practice setting with a multi modality approach with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments, Low-Level Light Therapy and TMS therapeutic services as integral parts. His most recent decision in consulting as a Chief Medical Officer of TheraMind Services and teaming up with other TMS Providers as well as Addiction Centers such as Rehabilitation South Florida, provides Dr. Ramos an opportunity to not only to work with more Specialist, Neurologists and Psychiatrists nationally and internationally but also educate more people about recent diagnostic achievements in the practice of Psychiatry.

Throughout his career, he is known to be an advocate for his patients and a compassionate Physician. Dr. Ramos is notorious for his belief of taking time to educate his patients about their diagnosis and provide a basic understanding of how medications work by incorporating pharmacogenetic testing. The combination of Dr Ramos’ passion in the field of Psychiatry and a practice of a multimodal and integrative approach, it is not surprising that his motto is “changing lives…. one pulse at a time.”