Hepatitis Treatment

Options are Available for Hepatitis Treatment

Hepatitis is a lethal inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. The most common hepatitis viruses are HAV, HBV, HCV, and HEV (commonly referred to as types A, B, C and E). Together, HBV and HCV are the most common cause of liver cirrhosis and cancer.

One may ask how this pertains to substance abuse, detoxification, and one’s overall recovery? An often overlooked and underappreciated fact is that Hepatitis is a common disease among intravenous drug users because of the chronic incidence of unsafe needle use. Many a patient is unaware of their current Hepatitis status, and if they are, they do not pay heed to the seriousness of the condition, as they should. During traditional detoxification and rehab, much emphasis is given to treating the current Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms the patient is experiencing as a result of discontinuing their substances of physical and chemical dependence. Due attention is given to the detoxification protocols to ensure that the patient does not develop any severe life- threatening withdrawals, and remains as comfortable as possible during their detoxification and stabilization.

Hepatitis, when detected early, can be treated with antiviral medications, maximizing the chances of the patient maintaining maximal liver function, and preventing one from developing severe chronic side effects, such as liver cirrhosis and cancer. At Rehab South Florida, Hepatitis detection and treatment is a part of our treatment protocols, alongside other traditional detoxification protocols instituted. A high level of attention is given to educating our patients on the importance of treating this curable condition in its early stages. Rehab South Florida is very fortunate to have a resident Gastroenterologist Physician, Dr. Vikram Tarugu, who is an expert in Hepatitis, available 5 days a week to address the Gastrointestinal needs of our patients.