Medical Services

At “Rehab South Florida” our highly experienced medical staff understands how opioid and alcohol addiction can be treated and opioid and alcohol addiction treatment is one of the most prominent treatments that we render to patients.

Medical Services

Medical Services

Rehab South Florida (RSF) is proposing to find solutions to the pressing Public/Behavioral Health concerns of the time through an integrative approach that utilizes its founding member’s vast first-hand expertise in the area of interest, coupled with its influence in the medical field.

RSF’s plan is to develop strategic partnerships with organizations both in the state of Florida and the United States. This vast network of Medical Institutions includes, but is not limited to: General Internal Medicine, Medical Subspecialties, Psychiatry, Inpatient Detoxification, Rehabilitation/Behavioral Health, and State-of-the-Art Laboratories (microbiology, pathology, blood specimens, etc.).

RSF will provide the medical portion of treatment for its clients. We have a dedicated group of Physicians and Healthcare providers whose primary concern is patient outcomes and quality of care.

RSF adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to find meaningful, long-term solutions to different health-care related issues. Each member of the team is a medical expert with extensive knowledge in the field of addictions, as well as medicine. Our medical staff is comprised of a dedicated team of physicians, pharmacists, PhD’s, chemists, scientists, entrepreneurs and others who are actively working in the respective field of Addictions and Behavioral Health.

They are very familiar with the patient pool, knowledgeable on all the currently accepted therapeutic modalities present and used for the treatment of opioid and alcohol dependence and addictions, have a 15-year track record in successfully treating thousands of patients and helping them safely detox off of different substances of abuse.

A patient-tailored approach to patient care is also adopted through the numerous, cutting-edge, testing modalities present that can be carried out at one of its state-of-the-art laboratories located throughout the state of Florida.