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Rehab South Florida PHP Program – An Overview of this Level of Care

Our PHP program, or, Partial Hospitalization Program, is a program intended for more serious addiction cases that require intense care and treatment.  A PHP program is one of the many treatment programs offered by Rehab South Florida and is intended for those that have been suffering from addiction for years and need a prolonged treatment solution to break free from addiction.

Rehab South Florida PHP Program

Rehab South Florida PHP Program

A Partial Hospitalization Program is intended for those who would benefit from a structured schedule while not requiring around-the-clock supervision.  This particular level of care provides both partial hospitalization and day treatments.  Because no single treatment is universally effective for all patients; conditions such as substance abuse disorders or other co-occurring mental health disorders may be treated at multiple levels of care.

At Rehab South Florida, our PHP recovery plans are created through the relationship established between you and the counselor.  Through this relationship we’ll begin to create a treatment plan that is tailored for your specific recovery needs.  What our PHP program provides is the opportunity for individuals to recover from addiction while enjoying the benefits of living in a safe, comfortable, and home styled residence.

At our facility, patients in the Partial Hospitalization Program will reside in our community housing which are beautifully designed and very comforting.

Semi-private residences will provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to relax during your stay.  It’s common for patients that have previously been in a residential or inpatient program to transition to a PHP program.

Since a PHP program provides a lot of structure and support while giving patients more time for social interaction it’s a treatment program that many patients find enjoyable.

There are many benefits of attending our PHP program as you’ll be able to receive medical care as needed with a full-time residential staff that are prepared in just a moment’s notice to tend to any unwanted symptoms that may abrupt during treatment.  An organized, solace, and constructive recovery environment where socializing with others will enable you to overcome addiction as the level of treatment that PHP offers includes all of the tools needed to combat addiction.

PHP Program – Everything you need to Defeat Addiction

While in our PHP program, medical treatment, nurse practitioners, and access to a psychiatrist will be available.  Patients will participate in regular therapy group sessions, aftercare planning, and structured-based activities to help build self-confidence and the mind set you need to get through recovery.

During the PHP, patients are always encouraged to stay in touch with friends, family, and the community during the treatment process.  Transportation to see family or events may also be available to you.  One component of recovery that can really help pull you through is to have meaningful relationship with your friends and loved ones.  Fostering relationships with those you care about can help with long-term sobriety and well-being.

Furthermore, friends you make at Rehab South Florida through therapies or in 12-step groups will help you to establish an invaluable support group that you can use to help you during the recovery.


IOP – The Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program at Rehab South Florida

Recovery is Possible

Recovery is Possible

One of the levels of treatment provided at Rehab South Florida is our Intensive Outpatient Treatment program (IOP).  Our IOP is intended to serve as a primary treatment option and is usually a program that patients attend due to recommendations based on medical and clinical assessments.  IOP is usually the best-suited program for those who need detox but don’t need around-the-clock supervision.

Many patients who successfully graduate from the detox program transition to the Intensive Outpatient Program as it enables them to continue recovery therapies on a flexible and part-time schedule.  The IOP is an excellent program for those that want extended recovery care while accommodating your schedule when it comes to family and work.

Intensive Outpatient Program – What Activities & Therapies are Involved?

Being a part of the Intensive Outpatient Program at “Rehab South Florida” is a great way to maintain your sobriety as you’ll take part in group therapy sessions and one-on-one sessions with an on-site therapist.  Your therapist will meet with you on a weekly basis where you’ll have the opportunity to share your feelings, emotions, and thoughts while also being able to discuss your progress.  Your therapist will help to provide positive reinforcement while helping you to manage any unwanted emotions during your stay.

When it comes to IOP there’s an array of various topics that are discussed and taught during the program.  Because sobriety is best achieved through an understanding of how addiction works and how it can be defeated through evidence-based approaches; patients in our Intensive Outpatient Program will learn about many topics and components of addiction recovery including:

  • The 12-Step Program
  • Spirituality (how comfort can be found through spiritual guidance)
  • Treatment for Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (also known as PAWS)
  • How to manage withdrawal cravings, urges, and negative mindsets
  • Understanding how the disease of addiction progresses and how to regain control
  • Learn how the chemistry of the brain correlates to addiction and how to manage this
  • Learn relapse prevention methods to sustain sobriety
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatments
  • Learn about the effects of addiction and recovery


Our Intensive Outpatient Program is intended for individuals that are struggling with the hardships and issues that are tied to addiction, the abuse of substances, or the co-occurring disorders that accompany drug abuse.

Your entry in to the Rehab South Florida Intensive Outpatient Program will be determined by a required medical/clinical assessment which will take place during the admissions process.  Our IOP is unique to each patient and treatment plans are created and carried out based on your initial assessment.

Once a patient has been approved to join our Intensive Outpatient Program, patients will spend 9-15 hours per week in group therapy sessions.  These sessions will focus on many recovery topics including how to build meaningful relationships, how to prevent a relapse, communication development skills, and creating constructive and attainable goals.

To accommodate patient schedules, Rehab South Florida offers a 3-hour group therapy session held daily Monday-Friday.

If the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program is a program that you’re interested in or would like to recommend to a friend or family member, more information can be learned by calling 561-815-1036.


OP Program – The Rehab South Florida Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Rehab South Florida

Rehab South Florida

Severe addiction cases for certain drugs such as oxycodone or heroin is usually an addiction that’s best treated in an inpatient treatment program as on-site support can be administered to manage both the detox and withdrawals.  However, for addiction cases that are less severe that are diagnosed early on an outpatient recovery program is well-suited.

What I love about the Outpatient program at Rehab South Florida is that it motivated and helped me to end my addiction to heroin while providing a flexible treatment schedule.  I couldn’t have done it without them!  – Stated by a recent graduate of the Outpatient program at Rehab South Florida.

Different Outpatient Treatment Options

There are various types of outpatient treatment programs available each accommodating varying levels of addiction.  Based on the type of drug used and the extent in which it was used, the Outpatient program you attend will be determined.

There are generally 3 types of outpatient rehab programs:

Outpatient Day Rehab Program

When it comes to the highest level of treatment it will be found in our day rehab program.  In a day program, patients will commit to attending group therapy meetings 5-7 days per week for a few hours each session.  During the Outpatient Day Program, patients will actively participate in ongoing therapy and group counseling in addition to other therapeutic activities such as music and art.

After patients attend each of these sessions they are permitted to return home to their family or sober living home if that’s where residence is established.  While day programs do mandate regular attendances to sessions and treatments which can limit availability for work/recreation, it’s an intensive program that will surely help you through the hardship of addiction and successful recovery is attained by over many of our patients.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Rehab South Florida intensive outpatient program is a level of treatment that has defined curriculums with measurable milestones that will help you and us to assess and understand your progress.  As various treatment milestones are met the amount of time you need to commit to weekly will begin to slowly decrease.

Our intensive outpatient program is designed for those who want to take serious action to overcome addiction without losing the freedom of being able to work or spend time with family.  An IOP may require that you attend multiple sessions per week which can each last for a few hours.  Counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, education on relapse prevention, and the 12-step program are all components of recovery that patients in our IOP program will participate in.

Post-Treatment Care to Maintain Sobriety

After treatment, continuing care, learning about addiction prevention, and being involved in support groups and communities are great ways to maintain the sobriety that Rehab South Florida helped you to achieve.  By joining groups such as the Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, you can continue to learn about the nature of addiction while being able to accept and provide support to others in the community that are overcoming addiction or have already achieved sobriety.