Our Outpatient Drug Detox Programs

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OP Detox – The Rehab South Florida Outpatient Detox Program

When you’ve finally made the choice to turn your life around and want to lead a drug-free lifestyle then an outpatient detox program may be the perfect option for you.  Since the Outpatient detox program is a level of care provided by Rehab South Florida that allows you to maintain your routine daily schedule it’s a great recovery option that will help you to become sober while not requiring too much of a time commitment.

At Rehab South Florida, the Outpatient detox program will give you access to our facility, treatments, and counseling while allowing you to return home at night time. Since this program minimally interferes with your daily schedule you’ll discover that combating addiction and becoming sober doesn’t need to be that disruptive when it comes to your schedule.

Our staff and facility are compassionate, knowledgeable, and understanding of patient schedules and therefore offers the program to those that may have constricted schedules with limited availability but want to relieve their life of drug or alcohol dependency. While convenient and less intense than let’s say an inpatient detox, an outpatient detox program is nearly just as effective while being much more affordable and schedule-flexible.

Back in 2015 there was an estimated 21.7 million individuals in the US (1 in every 12 people) that suffered from either drug or alcohol abuse.  Of those 21.7 million people a staggeringly low 2.3 million people sought treatment.  At Rehab South Florida we provide top-notch addiction recovery care as we want to make an impact to decrease the number of lives being affected by addiction.

If you’re interested in joining one of the many treatment programs offered here at Rehab South Florida or would like to refer us to a friend, we can be contacted at 561-815-1036 for any questions or admissions inquiries that you may have.