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Detoxification – Drug Detox Treatment at Rehab South Florida

Detox Florida

Time to Detox

Longing to achieve sobriety?  Are you ready to rid the life of addiction to lead a life of abstinence, purpose, and sobriety?  Congratulations on making the choice to overcoming dependency, you’ll thank yourself later!  Welcome to Rehab South Florida – Florida’s leading rehabilitation center providing top-of-the-line medical care, rehabilitation treatments, and detoxification services.  We understand the many complexities surrounding addiction and continue to set the standard in the field of addiction recovery care.   We accomplish this through a continuum of care that encompasses the tools, treatments, therapies, and support needed that enables patients to reach their full recovery potential.

In this Florida Drug Detox guide you’ll be provided with an array of information surrounding the topics of detoxification and rehabilitation.  We believe that recovering addicts should have access to education and information on the nature of addiction so that proper action can be taken.  As a compassionate, caring, and highly experienced recovery center – we work with patients individually to curate treatment plans that will accommodate their specific recovery needs.  Through the use of tactics that have helped many of our patients to succeed addiction, we feel confident that our approaches will help you to do the same.

If you, a friend or a loved one is struggling with addiction and is ready to begin the journey to recovery, please contact us at 561-815-1036 for information on admissions and treatment programs.

Drug Detox – Your 1st Step to Achieving Long-Term Sobriety

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Medical Detoxification

Drug Detoxification is the first step to achieving sobriety.  Detox is the first phase of treatment provided in a comprehensive rehabilitation program that will provide all of the tools needed to overcome addiction.  Detoxification can prevent undesirable and fatal consequences from arising while enabling patients to become abstinent from the use of drugs.  The primary purpose behind detox is to rid the body of leftover toxins from the drugs or alcohol that the body has not yet processed.  Because of what detox provides it’s necessary for recovering addicts to undergo detox treatments prior to attending rehabilitation.

The purpose of our detox program is to provide psychological healing for patients that have been struggling with long-term addiction to drugs or alcohol (or both) in addition to allowing their body to be free of substances.  We first help patients to become stable both physically and mentally and then begin to administer detox treatments.  According to a publication by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), once a rehabilitation center has completed the stabilization process, the focus of treatments begin to shift towards the support and monitoring of bodily processes during the phase of toxins being processed and depleted.  During detox we ensure patient withdrawal symptoms are kept to a minimum which is why around-the-clock monitoring is provided.  As symptoms emerge our clinical staff tends to the withdrawals immediately to maintain patient comfort.

Rehab South FloridaIt’s important to keep in mind that detoxification doesn’t encompass the treatments needed to overcome the addiction itself.  It’s only the first step in our continuum of care and is what makes the transition to sobriety easier to tolerate and accomplish for recovering addicts.  Since addiction by nature is both physical and psychological, patients at Rehab South Florida are provided with psychotherapeutic treatments.  These treatments focus on addressing urges and cravings in addition to cognitive changes that may have taken place after long-term abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Undergoing detox alone may provide temporary relief and abstinence from substance use.  However, without follow-up treatments and therapy, recovering addicts are much more likely to encounter a relapse and the chances of continued use reoccurring is much greater.

Rehab South Florida can help you to overcome the struggle of addiction. Through a compassionate, therapeutic, and supportive approach you’ll be enabled to overcome dependency.  Contact our helpful admissions experts at 561-815-1036 for more information.

To learn more about detox and addiction recovery programs that are available, or, to receive assistance in choosing which rehab program is right for you, feel free to contact our supportive and caring staff for any questions or admission inquiries that you may have. Our staff is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and is standing by to answer any questions that you’re needing answers to. Call 5618151036 right away to speak to a rehab program advisor about the drug detox and rehab programs that are available to you.

What should I Expect during Drug Detox? What all is Involved?

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Detox Therapy

For many patients, the initial phase of detoxification can be very unpleasant and intense as the body begins to adjust to being free from the substances (which will initiate withdrawal symptoms).  At Rehab South Florida, we’ve aided thousands of patients through the recovery process and the detoxification phase and have learned how to manage such symptoms in such a way that they’re kept to an absolute minimum.  Because of the undesirable feelings that can arise throughout detox, our supportive and caring staff stand by at all times to tend to patient needs as they arise.

Withdrawal symptoms vary in severity from patient to patient and will depend on the drug(s) used and the length in which they were abused.  Let’s take for example an individual that had their last dose of heroin just a few hours ago.  Individuals that are suffering from an opioid addiction that haven’t had their “fix” in even just a few hours can experience a number of withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Excessive tiredness or yawning
  • Intense sweating
  • Agitation
  • Depressions
  • Anxiety
  • Aches in the muscles
  • Watering in the eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Difficulty with sleeping (Insomnia)

While such symptoms don’t typically pose life-threatening outcomes, they are extremely uncomfortable for the addict to experience and can lead to the addict reusing the drug for symptom relief.  This is why it’s advantageous for addicts wanting to recover to seek medical attention and detoxification.  Psychiatric and medical care is provided by Rehab South Florida to help patients deal with the process of becoming sober mentally and physically while an allowienced and supportive group of clinical experts and addiction specialists in a substance-free environment.

detoxification in floridaThere are a number of issues that can begin to arise for patients even during the first couple of hours of detox.  Of course, the most urgent of needs and concerns will be addressed first by our clinical experts.  Going from there, other issues will be addressed one-by-one until detox has completed and full stabilization has been achieved.

We’ll cover some of the issues that may arise during the first few hours of detoxification below.

Issues that may arise during Detoxification

Symptoms of Detox

Symptoms of Detox

Violence– In times of withdrawals it’s not uncommon for patients to experience unusual behaviors; including that of violent outbursts.  As an example, individuals who have found themselves abusing synthetic cathinones (more commonly referred to as “bath salts”), may be at an increased risk of causing self-harm or injury to others.  Recovering addicts that are a danger to themselves or others may require sedation or restraint so the treatment team can administer treatment(s), safely.  However, such measures are taken only if the patient being treated becomes physically aggressive or makes an attempt to cause injury to the treatment staff.


Detox Treatment

Detox Treatment Symptoms

Symptoms of Psychosis– Psychosis is a complicated and dangerous condition that many times can be brought upon a recovering addict from the use and abuse of drugs or alcohol.  For example, an individual that used an excessive amount of cocaine may become paranoid and in some cases may experience full-blown, temporary psychosis.  Symptoms of psychosis can include both auditory and visual hallucinations in addition to a delusional outlook or perspective on reality.  One of the causes of psychosis could be the presence of a co-occurring mental health disorder (schizophrenia for example).

Psychosis can also occur due to a lack of rest/sleep due to the used of stimulants.  Recovering addicts that are suffering from psychosis can behave quite erratically and many times will become unpredictable.

If such behaviors occur of if psychosis is determined to be present, it’s important for both our staff and the patient to treat the condition before further treatments and intervention is made.  It’s in the best interest of the patient for such a condition to be treated early on and the diagnosis of co-occurring mental health disorders is a medical approach that we employ for all patients so maximum recovery potential can be reached.

Drug Detoxification

Drug Detox

Injury– In many cases, individuals involved in substance abuse may hurt themselves during times that they’re under the influence.  In more severe scenarios, under the influence of drugs, some may have been physically or sexually assaulted and it’s instances such as this where Rehab South Florida’s support and treatment intervention is most-needed.

Let’s take for example Phencyclidine (more commonly referred to as PCP).  PCP is a highly powerful and potent drug that effectively causes the user to experience the euphoria of increased strength, invulnerability, and power.  Due to the misconception that PCP causes for its users, users of PCP are more likely to put themselves in situations where harm or injury is likely to occur.

Under the influence of PCP, users feel as if they’re immune to injury and pain making them more susceptible to giving in to thoughts of suicide which can and many times will result in serious injury (if attempted suicide is unsuccessful).  Physical-related injuries should be treated and tended to prior to undergoing Florida Drug Detox.

Best Detox Therapies

Symptoms of Detox

Medical Illness– The opioid crisis in the United States is one that most people are well aware about. For individuals that have experienced trauma or are dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis, opioids may be being used or prescribed.  Even for individuals that have a prescription for painkillers, the possibility of addiction occurring is possible.  It’s all too easy for opioid users to grow a subsequent addiction to their prescription medications.  As patients at our center begins to detox for the opioid dependency, the severe pain that was once medicated will begin to emerge which can accompany a host of other undesirable withdrawal symptoms.

It’s vitally important that your medical history and prescription medication intake is provided to our treatment staff so such intakes can be accounted for during detox and treatment.  This allows us to prepare treatment for the well-known withdrawals that are tied to your addiction before administering further treatments.

Drug Detoxification

Detoxification Symptoms

Self-Induced Harm– Individuals withdrawing from opioids or other substances in many cases will experience severe depression which could develop in to suicidal thoughts, attempts, or suicide itself.  As such, patients being treated by our staff that express or act on such thoughts may be provided with additional monitoring and security as seen fit.  Once such issues have been assessed, identified, managed, and treated, further treatments will be rendered.  Patient’s becoming stabilized is a primary effort of ours and we work diligently to help patients out of the patterns of such thoughts processes and behavioral outbursts.

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According to scientific research conducted on the nature of drug withdrawal, stopping use, depending on the type of drug(s) used, will vary greatly in terms of the symptoms experienced.

Factors that determine the experiences of someone going through withdrawal include:

The length of time in which abuse took placeThe use of drugs on a daily basis can result in increased levels of withdrawal intensity and tolerance.  Typically, the longer someone abuses drugs the more intense withdrawals will be.

The combination of substances used (including that of alcohol) An addiction involving the use of more than one substance (opioids and alcohol – cocaine and meth) can result in a unique set of withdrawal symptoms which could cause more intensified withdrawals.

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The dose of the drug ingested when entering detoxOver time, as abuse takes place, the body begins to develop a tolerance.  As such, users typically increase the dosage amount over time so the effect(s) can be felt.  Typically, the intensity of withdrawal symptoms usually correlates to dosage amounts taken of the substance(s).  The more taken, the more severe symptoms can be.

The presence of a co-occurring mental health or physical disorder If a patient we’re treating for addiction is suffering from a co-occurring disorder such as depression, anxiety, or chronic pain – such conditions could be intensified during times of withdrawal and can cause further stress, depression, and pain.  However, our clinical team stands by at all times to ensure patients are provided treatments on an as-needed basis so undesirable symptoms can be managed and kept to a minimum.  Patient care and comfort is a top-concern of ours and around-the-clock care is always provided to ensure patients have a near symptom-free recovery experience.

The Half-life of the substanceTypically, if the abused substance is one that’s short-acting, symptoms of withdrawal are likely to occur more quickly after the last ingested dose.  If it’s a long-lasting substance, withdrawal syndrome may take a few days before being noticeable.

According to a publication from the Society for the Study of Addiction, withdrawal symptoms that often times develop after taking different types of drugs include:

  • Disturbances in mood – Such as mood swings, agitation, or irritability
  • Insomnia and abnormal sleeping patterns – Despite tiredness, users become sleepless and have difficulty with getting rest
  • Physical complications – Tremors, shaking, chills, sweating, flu-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting; some of the many symptoms that can occur depending on the type of drug(s) used
  • Urges – It’s not uncommon for strong urges to use the desired drug to emerge for recovering addicts.

Types of Drug Detox Programs – Rehab South Florida

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Rehab South Florida

When it comes to detoxification there are many unique programs available for all recovery severities and needs.  The types of substances that have been abused along with the withdrawals that are tied to the used substance(s) will determine the type of detox program patients participate in.  During the admissions process at Rehab South Florida, all patients undergo a medical and clinical evaluation where their addiction and prior medical history will be thoroughly assessed.  To give patients the highest chance possible of recovery we comb through patient conditions and addictions so a treatment program can be advised.

Some of the detox programs available to patients include:

Outpatient Detox Often times, outpatient detox is not recommended but may be a suitable treatment option for those struggling with less severe cases of addiction.  Addictions that can be overcame through weekly check-ins with our clinical team where medication such as methadone is prescribed may be a good route for individuals that don’t need around-the-clock care.  In situations where finances are tight or where recovering addicts need to work or be at home to care for their family – an outpatient detox program will allow them to begin recovery while being able to maintain employment in addition to being able to tend to daily responsibilities.

Inpatient Detox In a majority of cases, a residential or inpatient detox program is recommended as it’s the most effective treatment program in terms of helping recovering addicts to avoid a relapse.  Medical care, support, and medicated treatment to help withdrawals subside is available round-the-clock to inpatient detox patients.  A majority of the detox programs offered by drug rehab centers are inpatient.  Our inpatient detox program allows patients to seamlessly transition in to our continuum of care which focuses on recovery for not only the addiction itself but for the mind, body, and soul.

Rehab South FloridaOur inpatient detox program takes a holistic treatment approach and will encompass therapy and support group sessions to help patients become stable and balanced as a whole.  Emotional and physical healing are important components to long-term recovery and patients in our residential detoxification program enjoy being able to participate in the array of alternative therapy programs that we have available (art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy – just to name a few).

Can’t I just detox at home? Are there any associated risks?

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One of the most common questions among addicts wanting to experience recovery is, “Can I undergo detox at home without medical intervention?”.  For those wanting a quick and speedy recovery, this is usually the first question that comes to mind.  Of course, detoxing at home is “possible” but is no recommended as there are various risks associated with doing so.

Three reasons you should recover at Rehab South Florida instead of detoxing at home include:

  • Undergoing detox at home may not be safe and medical complications could arise depending on the severity of the addiction
  • Detoxing at home isn’t always effective
  • Medical supervised detox under the care of experienced addiction recovery experts is much safer, more comfortable, and exponentially more effective

When an individual becomes dependent to a particular substance or alcohol their body begins to expect the presence of the substance at all times.  During addiction, the abused substance is continually in the blood stream and as such the body begins to make adjustments.

For example, the body may begin producing additional chemicals or may begin reducing the production of some of the body’s vital chemicals.  Should an addict choose to abruptly stop using drugs/alcohol, withdrawal symptoms will be quiet severe.  Furthermore, should the individual be inflicted with a co-occurring mental health disorder (such as depression or anxiety), these underlying medical conditions could cause further discomfort and complications.

Medically speaking, detoxing can be a dangerous experience when done alone as a number of complications and symptoms can occur.  At Rehab South Florida patients are able to rest and recover in peace as our highly experienced recovery team stands by to manage symptoms as they emerge meaning undesirable side effects are kept to a minimum.

Drug Detox Overview

Undergoing drug detox allows the body to flush itself clean of all illicit substances.  The system becomes free of any leftover toxins while at the same time allowing you to receive treatment from our medical team to manage any withdrawal symptoms that arise.  Supervised medical detox is highly effective in boosting the recovery potential of recovering addicts and is an excellent relapse preventative effort.

According to a publication from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the substances most people struggle with that are entering detox includes:

  • Alcohol (39%)
  • Heroin (16%)
  • Opiates such as painkillers or morphine (10%)
  • Cocaine (11.7%)
  • Stimulants such as cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines (7%)
  • Hallucinogens, tranquilizers, sedatives, hypnotics, PCP (1% or less)

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One statistic that’s worth highlighting is that 45% of all patients entering detox for alcoholism also have reported that they abuse another substance in conjunction with alcohol.

Rehab South Florida has provided thousands of patients with a second chance at leading a life of sobriety and abstinence.  Regardless of the addiction or the severity of it, our clinical and treatment team has the experience needed to successfully aid patients through the detox process in a supportive, safe, and substance-free environment.

From alcohol-induced addictions to opioid dependencies and all other addictions in between we have the treatment experience to help you, your friend, or a loved one with combating addiction.  We manage symptoms, support a healthy recovery through meal planning and therapeutic activities, and work with patients one-on-one to ensure their needs and comfort is accommodated.

Detox is needed for long-term Recovery

The process of drug detox is necessary as over time, as addiction pursues, substance abuse will alter cognitive function over time.  Consistent misuse of substances will alter the way the brain process chemicals and can even have an impact on the way the addict processes emotions, sensations, and thoughts – even once the substance is no longer being used or abused.

To a large extent, both drugs and alcohol interferes with our brains communication abilities effectively disrupting the process of how our nerve cells use neurotransmitters to control the brains function.  There are some substances out there that accomplish this by mocking the natural neurotransmitters while others will interfere with functions by blocking off the flow of chemicals to the brain.

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Addictive-based behaviors in general, such as drug abuse, will cause the brain to release chemicals that are often times correlated to pleasure – the most common of which being dopamine.  Furthermore, illicit drug use can also stop the process of the brain reabsorbing much-needed chemicals.  At Rehab South Florida, we understand the impact and effects of drug use and monitor patients closely to ensure withdrawals are kept to a minimum.  Mental and physical addictions are quite difficult for recovering addicts to manage alone but with the help of our caring and compassionate staff you can rest assured that you’ll be in the hands of the best care professionals state-wide.

Our Promise

Rehab South Florida is committed to patient care and is focused on providing a detox experience that’s not found elsewhere.  We employ many evidence-based treatments and therapies and work with patients one-on-one to devise a detox and long-term recovery plan that’s curated for their specific addiction needs.

We understand that addiction is a tough battle to fight and overcome alone which is why many individuals suffering from addiction seek the guidance of the staff here at “Rehab South Florida”.

We look forward to continuing our mission in providing top-notch detox and rehab care to patients and we look forward to building upon the already large list of patients that have successfully recovered from addiction thru utilizing our staffs clinical experience and programs.