Levels of Care

Rehab South Florida – Levels of Care and Treatment

At Rehab South Florida our treatment plans are individually curated based on the addiction needs for each of our patients.  With a highly experienced on-site clinical staff comprised of therapists, doctors, and addiction specialists; the Rehab South Florida has quickly emerged as one of South Florida’s most talked about rehabilitation centers.

Patient care, rehabilitation, and recovery are the goals we have for each of our patients and we accomplish this by sitting down for a one-on-one interview with each individual so we can understand your addiction(s) and recovery goals.  This will establish a transparent relationship that will allow us to understand more about you while giving us the information we need to devise a suitable treatment plan.

There are a few unique programs offered at Rehab South Florida including a detox treatment, PHP, IOP, OP, and OP Detox program.  These various levels of treatment will be discussed below.

Recovery Treatment for all Levels of Addiction

Regardless of your addiction or the severity of it, you can rest assured that Rehab South Florida has the necessary experience, tools, and treatments that will help you overcome addiction.  Through the use of evidence-based treatments and holistic recovery approaches; when you choose to attend Rehab South Florida, you can expect a unique treatment experience that will help you to beat addiction and achieve sobriety.

A large part of our success in treating patients has a lot to do with the many unique programs and therapies that we provide on-site.  Sometimes, patients benefit most by having access to multiple forms of therapies and programs.  Because of this, we cater to all addiction types so you have the best chance possible of combating addiction.

Being anchored with addiction is no fun and can result in medical complications that could be fatal.  Overcoming addiction alone isn’t always easy but at Rehab South Florida, our compassionate and understanding staff will hold your hand through the process and will help you to manage withdrawal symptoms.  This way, the process of becoming sober is one that’s painless and stress-free.

Our Philosophy

A new perspective comes the ability to live happily, joyfully, and peacefully with one’s self and others plus the opportunity to have a more meaningful life with a successful assimilation back into society at large.

To accomplish this, we provide both a comprehensive and collaborative approach that begins following a client’s discharge from a treatment center. Beginning with the initial in-take assessment, our licensed staff involves our clients in every step of their recovery. Each client recovery plan is individually tailored to identify and meet their psychological, emotional, behavioral, physical, and spiritual growth needs.

Clients are provided a multi-faceted range of individual and group sessions, private counseling, education, relapse prevention, life skill training, family counseling, and real world work experiences.

Clients live in safe, sober, comfortable and structured living environments and through this 90-120 day process, clients gain insight into underlying factors driving addictive and codependent behaviors, learn and practice new behaviors, set realistic goals and dramatically improve their chances of achieving long-term recovery and a fulfilling, productive, and successful life.

Throughout each of the programs listed on the following pages, we incorporate facets of the Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous Big Book along with their 12 Step programs as a toolbox for long-term sobriety and roadmap in developing necessary life skills.