Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida – Legit Script-Certified Centers

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida – Legit Script-Certified Centers

Best Rehab Centers Near Me
Best Rehab Centers Near Me

Finding a qualified rehab in Florida is the first step towards a successful recovery.  The best recovery facilities are those that staff highly trained and experienced treatment professionals that premise case on the understanding of addiction is a complex yet treatable mental illness. 

In 2014, a research study determined that approximately 410,000 Floridians had used illicit drugs within the past 12 months of being surveyed.  This signifies just how in-need the Florida community is for the services of rehab centers that offer recovery solutions for drug- and alcohol-based addictions.

Nationwide, the opioid epidemic has worsened – and Florida is no exception.  In 2014, there were 2,175 unintentional and undetermined drug overdose deaths.  By 2016, this number soared to 4,672 – a 67% increase. This is according to data released from the Florida Department of Health’s “Bureau of Vital Statistics”.

Nationwide, nearly 23 million people struggled with a form of substance abuse in 2013, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and drug rehab could’ve greatly reduced that figure. 

Despite the widespread of available treatment throughout the United States, reports from the SAMHSA show that only 2.5 million people (of the 23 million) sought help.

While you’re searching for the best Drug Rehab in Florida you’ll want to make sure the center will treat the full spectrum of all potentially related issues to your addiction.

Ideally, you will attend a center that:

  • Will treat mental health and co-occurring disorders
  • Offers individualized treatment programs tailored for your specifically abused substance(s)
  • Hosts programs that do NOT include high-risk approaches, such as “rapid detox”
  • Provides extensive support beyond detox such as psychological, lifestyle, and emotional guidance/counseling

The Best Rehabs – Our Vetting Process

A part of our process in choosing the Best Rehabs in Florida is our assessment of the centers’ intake process.  Rehabs that hold themselves to high standards (such as the ones we’ve selected to review in this guide) will not only screen incoming patients for all traces of substance abuse but also for underlying, mental health issues.  According to the SAMHSA, 53% of illicit drug abusers and 37% of alcohol abusers struggle with a mental health disorder.

When entering into rehab it’s imperative that the treatment professionals are made aware of any co-occurring disorders as this allows them to offer a more effective treatment plan that will attack the problem from all angles; simultaneously. 

Mental illness and substance abuse treatment requires professional intervention from a facility that has trained and experienced therapists on-site in addition to licensed physicians that provide medication-assisted treatment. 

This one-stop recovery guide was case studied with YOU in mind.  Without further ado, let’s cover the reviews of the best centers in the sunshine state so you can find a center for your needs; the first step to recovery!

Below are the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida – Legit Script-Certified Centers

#1 AION Recovery

AION Recovery - Alcohol Rehab in Florida
AION Recovery – Alcohol Rehab in Florida

AION Recovery is an adventure-based rehab center providing patients with a fun, exciting, and holistic-focused experience in sunny South Florida.  Addiction is a challenge for over 400,000 Floridians which AION Recovery has set out to address through unique in-house treatment approaches that provide patients with the best recovery outcomes possible.

The treatment staff of AION recognizes that alternative recovery routes are essential to one’s long-term recovery.  Alternative therapies are now commonly used throughout the country and AION’s years of experience allows patients to enjoy the benefits of such programs from some of the best recovery professionals in the industry. 

Adventure, life-skill development, art & music, and Nutrition & Fitness therapy are just some of the many exciting alt-therapy programs that AION Recovery patients enjoy.   

#2 Rehab South Florida

Rehab South Florida
Rehab South Florida

RSF is a premiere Florida recovery center offering a vast range of treatments and levels of care for all addictions types and severities.  Two aspects of RSF that stand them apart from competing facilities are there individualized recovery plans and evidence-based treatment protocols.  Based on online reviews from previous RSF patients, the staff is very friendly, treats patients like family, and always goes above and beyond to ensure client comfort.

Committed to patient success; RSF offers on-site therapists and around-the-clock treatment care to all patients.   Their patient-centric approach effectively allows them to create highly customized and individualized treatment plans that help those in recovery to achieve lifelong sobriety. 

Staffed by a multidisciplinary team with decades of combined addiction treatment experience patients can rest assure that they’re in the care of the best hands possible.  They offer both detox and rehab.  They also help those undergoing detox to seamlessly transition in to rehab; making the recovery journey all that much easier for the patient.

Overall, Rehab South Florida is an excellent rehab option for those struggling with dependency as their patient success rates are higher than most other facilities and their extensive list of treatments/services means they more than likely have a program designed for your recovery goals.


#3 Riverside Recovery of Tampa

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida – Legit Script-Certified Centers 1Ready to have back the life you used to love to begin living a purposeful and fulfilling life?  If so, going to rehab is the best decision to make and no West-Florida center is better prepared to help you overcome addiction than Riverside Recovery; one of the state’s most well-known luxury waterfront rehab centers.

Featuring an indoor basketball court, spa-styled pools, yoga/meditation area, and on-site workout areas, patients are fully equipped with and provided the essential tools and therapeutic activities needed to overcome the emotional distress that so many are challenged with from addiction.

Riverside Recovery’s treatment programs are designed for long-term healing with every level of care offered under one roof.  They offer detox, residential treatment, a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, and a VALOR program which is a program specializing in the treatment of substance abuse for those in the military and veterans.

Overall, Riverside Recovery of Tampa is an excellent recovery choice for all addictions types and there diverse treatment programs and committed staff has proven to have great success so far with a large majority of patients achieving long-term sobriety after their first duration of suggested treatment(s).

If you’re looking for a center that will take the time to understand YOUR personal recovery goals and needs then search no further.  The Riverside Recovery of Tampa’s treatment staff is highly experienced, trained, and skilled in addiction treatment and always helps patients to achieve the best recovery outcomes possible.

For more information on admissions to Riverside Recovery of Tampa you can reach them at the following:

  • Address: 4004 N Riverside Dr., Tampa, FL 33603
  • Phone Number: 1-800-871-5440


#4 South Miami Recovery


South Miami Recovery is a beautifully located recovery center offering treatments for both drug and alcohol misuse disorders.  Their treatment model focuses on offering personalized yet affordable treatment programs of which takes place in an outpatient setting.  Their outpatient rehab program is designed to address all components of addiction recovery. 

This includes treatments and therapies that address emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual distress that may have been caused from substance abuse.

Ultimately, successful recovery is best achieved through spiritual, mental, and physical healing and South Miami Recovery makes use of evidence-based protocols and treatments to help patients achieve these stages of recovery. 

Patients of SMR are offered a plethora of treatment programs including:

  • Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Massage Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness Therapy

Online reviews from previous patients frequently comment on how much the staff’s teachings have helped them to maintain abstinence post-treatment.  For example, one patient stated that they received “daily lessons on techniques to deal with cravings and urges” which contributed to their short- and long-term recovery.

South Miami Recovery made it to our review list as their patient-centric approach and commitment to patient recovery has truly helped to make a difference in the community and can make one in your life as well.

For more information on admissions to South Miami Recovery you can reach them at the following:

  • Address: 7520 Red Road Unit E-1, Miami, Florida 33143
  • Phone Number: 305-661-0055

#5 Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida – Legit Script-Certified Centers 2

The Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center offers patients a solace recovery experience in a setting described by many patients as a “resort-styled facility”.  They premise care on the belief that all patients should receive personalized treatment and preferential care.

One of the niceties of this facility is that clients reside in luxurious bedrooms with guaranteed private-bathroom access. As a nationally recognized substance abuse and mental health treatment facility that integrates both holistic- and natural-based protocols (with the help of traditional medicines), the Transformation Treatment Center delivers the level of care and support required to enable patients to beat addiction.

The center is well-known for its thoughtful, individualized and supportive programs of which are geared towards the specific recovery needs of the client. 

They recognize holistic treatment protocols as the best approach for struggling dependents to overcome addiction and do so through multiple programs including small group meetings, 12-step meetings, Christian Groups, Veteran/ First Responder meetings, gender-/age- specific groups, and family therapy sessions.

They also provide an on-side Alumni program for after-treatment, ongoing support.

For more information on admissions to Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center you can reach them at the following:

  • Address: 14000 S Military Trail #204A, Delray Beach, FL 33484
  • Phone Number: 1- 800-270-4315

#6) 12 Keys Rehab

12 Keys Rehab
12 Keys Rehab

12 Keys Rehab offers evidence-based treatments that aim to help patients become and stay healthy.  As a top-rated addiction recovery center with a multidisciplinary staff comprised of addiction specialists, therapists, and treatment experts, it’s a compelling recovery option for individuals wanting to take their recovery seriously.

It’s important for those struggling with addiction to attend a center that will not only address the addiction but any possible underlying causes.  At 12 Keys Rehab, scientific-backed treatments are given to all clients to address not only the addiction itself but also co-occurring mental health issues (such as anxiety, trauma, depression, and bipolar disorders). 

This means 12-Key attendees will receive treatments that will help to “root out” the underlying causes that may be prompting such behavior.  Ultimately, this improves long- term recovery rates and helps patients to avoid a relapse.

12 Keys Rehab Center
12 Keys Rehab Center

12 Keys Rehab is known for helping those challenged with a substance abuse disorder to put an end to their active addiction to begin the journey to lifelong recovery.  Their nurturing and compassionate staff understands that each patient has unique needs and works one-on-one with clients to design personalized treatment plans that are best suited for their recovery goals.

If you’re ready to lead a life of meaning and purpose and one that’s free from the struggle of addiction then consider the 12 Keys Rehab center.  They offer residential treatment, intensive outpatient programming (IOP), outpatient treatment, and post-treatment aftercare.


For more information on admissions to 12 Keys Rehab Center you can reach them at the following:

  • Address: 618 NE Jensen Beach Blvd Jensen Beach, FL 34957
  • Phone Number: 1-844-551-7016

#7 Fairwinds Treatment Center


Fairwinds Treatment Center utilizes an integrated treatment model where the patients family plays an active role in the recovery process; every step of the way.  They provide an array of treatment services for conditions related to eating disorders, substance abuse, and mental health issues.

Dual diagnosis and treatments for anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, Bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are also offered to cover all angles of possible underlying causes of the client’s addiction.

One of the conveniences of choosing Fairwinds Treatment Center for your recovery is that all services you may need can be had on-site. 


There are many levels of care available at Fairwinds to patients, including:

  • Inpatient
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Outpatient
  • Residential
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Detox

Of these services, the most commonly attended one is the “Inpatient” program.  Patients enrolled in inpatient care treatment will be required to stay at the facility for the duration of treatment.  This is immensely important to a successful recovery as in this program you’ll have immediate, full-time access to invaluable tools and intensive therapies.

Inpatient residents also have 24-hour access to care, will receive personalized daily recovery/meal plans, and will be housed in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Drug, alcohol, and medication-based addictions are all treated under one roof making it a convenient option for those that may be struggling with dependency to more than one substance.

As a Fairwinds client, you can rest assured knowing that your recovery is in the hands of some of the best care professionals available.  Individualized treatment plans and on-demand access to recovery professionals ensures that you’ll have the best recovery outcome and with 12 accepted insurance providers they make it easier than ever to receive the treatment you need.

For more information on admissions to Fairwinds Treatment Center you can reach them at the following:

  • Address: 1569 S. Ft. Harrison Ave. Clearwater, FL 33756
  • Phone Number: 1-727-449-0300

#8 Gulf Breeze Recovery

Gulf Breeze
Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze Recovery’s unique 2-step treatment model focus on what the center refers to as a “total health recovery”.  Their in-center founded “THRIVE” program is an aggressive treatment model designed to address any and all underlying issues of the addiction that may be responsible for the addictive habits. 

Their mission is to help patients overcome addiction and to provide the counseling needed for Alumni’s to THRIVE after treatment as they continue to lead a drug- and substance-free lifestyle.

It’s important to note that Gulf Breeze Recovery is a holistic yet a non-12-step rehab that specializes in helping clients to combat and overcome addiction.  They’re also heavily focused on involving patients in life-skill development classes, therapy sessions, and urge-management counseling in order to effectively help patients avoid chronic relapses.

The Gulf Breeze Recovery treatment staff has over 100 years of “combined” experience in the field of addiction treatment.  With such experience come great treatment plans that truly address the underlying causes of addiction and not only the symptoms.


Their center is ideal for individuals that have suffered from chronic relapses.  If you’ve previously attended rehab in the past and encountered a relapse; Gulf Breeze is an excellent option for you.

Furthermore, Gulf Breeze residents are treated as family, will enjoy a spa-like experience, and will benefit from a highly motivated staff that cares solely for patient care, comfort, and long-term recovery.

Levels of care offered by Gulf Breeze Recovery include detoxification, physical health recovery, mental health recovery, aftercare, and a “resistance to therapy” program.

Gulf Breeze also publishes a resourceful weekly podcast for patients that offer invaluable insight to addiction management.

For more information on admissions to Gulf Breeze Recovery you can reach them at the following:

  • Address: 350 Pensacola Beach Blvd Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561
  • Phone Number: 1-855-400-6190