Family Services

Addiction can affect more than just the victim but the family as well. Here at “Rehab South Florida”, we strive to provide comfort and understanding throughout the recovery process and part of this mission is achieved thru understanding that addiction, as a whole, is a family disease as it can (and often times will) effect the family as a unit.

We’ll work with patients and families to help provide a more in-depth understanding of how addiction works and how the process surrounding the issue can be resolved. Furthermore, we also take the initiative to educate our patients and their families on how to create a nurturing, supportive, and solace environment at home which will all contribute to the recovery success of the individual suffering from addiction.

Empowering our patients and their families by providing them with the tools they need to battle addiction and maintain sobriety is at the forefront of our efforts and our approach has proven to be effective on the countless number of patients that we’ve treated.