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Drug Rehab
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Drug addiction is a battle that’s not always easy to tackle alone and is quite difficult to manage without proper medical intervention. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, no sense of purpose; these are symptoms most often felt by those suffering from drug and prescription medication dependency. A staggering 21 million people suffered from either a drug or chemical dependency addiction in 2014 and this number is continuing to climb as we face one of the country’s worst drug-use epidemics.

With 1 out of every 8 people in the US suffering from an addiction to drugs it’s important for information on drug recovery and rehabilitation to be readily available. Today, we’re going to be discussing the nature of drug addiction and will be providing you with the resourceful information you need on the various treatment options that are available to you. As a part of our effort to help educate and treat those who are suffering from an addiction we’re going to provide a wealth of information here that will cover all aspects of addiction and recovery.

For quick answers to your questions about admissions to Rehab South Florida, more information can be learned by calling 561-933-5522.

Rehab South Florida – Setting the Standard for Addiction Recovery Care

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Best Rehabs in Florida

Welcome to Rehab South Florida, we’re a result-based recovery center with a patient-centric approach that has helped thousands of individuals such as you to overcome addiction. Through both therapeutic and evidence-based recovery approaches are compassionate and knowledge team comprising of nurses, doctors, therapists, and addiction specialists are wholeheartedly dedicated to the recovery of each of patient.

Rehab South Florida enabled me to have a second chance – a second chance that helped me to overcome addiction! My life has totally turned around thanks to RSF!” – A recent Rehab South Florida patient stated.

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Part of recovery starts with education and as such we’ve published this post to help provide you with the essential knowledge you need to begin understanding why your addiction is occurring along with how you can begin to gain control of it. Rehab South Florida is often referred to as Florida’s go-to addiction recovery center as over 90% of our patients successfully achieve sobriety.

Because of this, both local and international patients choose Rehab South Florida as their recovery-center-of-choice due to our incredibly unique and effective treatment approaches.

Without further ado let’s delve in to the “Rehab South Florida” drug rehabilitation publication; all of the knowledge you need to achieve sobriety at one convenient source!

Understanding your Addiction – Unique & Personalized Treatment Approaches

Rehab South Florida takes in to account many components of addiction when creating treatment plans. To provide patients with an effective recovery experience, patient addictions are thoroughly assessed and analyzed so a long-term treatment agenda can be prepared and implemented.

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It’s true, addiction is unique for each individual and will vary based on the kind of drug(s) used and the length in which the drug(s) were used. Furthermore, addiction can also be occurring due to an underlying mental health disorder which is something that’s determined during dual-diagnosis treatments (which we’ll discuss later on).

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Regardless, the addiction you’re faced with may need to be treated differently compared to someone else who’s suffering from the same addiction to the same substance.

As such, addictions are best overcome through a personalized treatment approach where the doctors and/or nurses curate an individualized recovery plan that’s specifically designed for your needs. Universal recovery plans aren’t ideal as certain treatments may not work for all which is why our treatment procedures are conducted in such a way that they hone in on the particular needs of “each” patient.

What exactly is a Drug Addiction?

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Drug Addiction Rehab Center

Addiction itself isn’t something that many consider. By this, we mean the actual cause or underlying reason(s) for the occurrence of the addiction. Drug dependency is a chronic and often times relapsing brain disease that triggers the compulsive feeling of wanting to seek drugs – even despite being conscious of the harmful and adverse consequences. Also, most abusers, because of the impact drugs have on the brain, don’t take in to account the possible harm or influence that they may be having on those around them during times of use/abuse.

Short-term use often time leads to long-term dependency…

Drug Rehab
Drug Rehab

While the use of drugs for the first time is usually a voluntary action, continued use, even recreationally, can lead to long-term abuse and dependency. Over time as drugs are used, changes to the brain occur and will make it more challenging to exercise self-control and self-discipline. The old “you” that once had the willpower to refuse harmful temptations now doesn’t have the ability to refuse the use of drugs – because of how the abuse changed the chemical makeup in the mind.

However, similar to that of other chronic and relapsing disorders such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease – drug addiction can actually be effectively managed and treated successfully with proper intervention. As with other diseases that are chronic, relapses aren’t at all uncommon and many abusers who seek treatment find themselves returning to use of their drug(s) of choice.

This is why Rehab South Florida takes preventative relapse measures with post-treatment recovery support that aids patients through times of cravings or withdrawals.

Part of this post-treatment support educates patients on anxiety and stress management approaches. This way, emotions can be managed at home in a safe and therapeutic approach rather than through the approach of using drugs.

What if I already received treatment and encountered a relapse?

Inpatient Drug Rehab
No Relapse

If you’ve previously sought treatment and found yourself again using the same drug(s) in which you were treated for just know that you ARE NOT a failure! A relapse doesn’t mean you cannot succeed addiction to become sober. Relapsing simply means that treatment should be sought again so you can begin to receive the therapy and medicated treatment(s) that you need to avoid drug use.

During admissions to Rehab South Florida be sure that share your past medical history and previous treatment information with the counselor so a better understanding of what your recovery is going to require can be understood. We’ve treated many patients that have previously underwent treatments but later relapsed. Our clinical team is focused on long-term recovery solutions and regularly monitors and tracks patient progress to ensure recovery progression.

If the drug rehabilitation center that you first attended wasn’t able to provide the long-term symptom relief that you need to avoid a relapse than joining Rehab South Florida is an option that you may want to consider. Our treatments are individually created for the needs of each patient and treatments will be adjusted based on what’s best for the patient’s recovery needs.

Are you unaware of why your addiction began?

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Fighting Drug Addiction

Many of those who suffer from a drug addiction are often times unaware of why the addiction persists or why it even began in the first place. Many make the common mistake in believing that they lack the willpower, ambition or desire to stop drug-use simply because they’re a user when in fact addiction, with the proper treatment and medical attention, can be succeeded.

Drug addiction is a complex disease to say the least and Rehab South Florida has extensive knowledge when it comes to curing addictions to a variety of drugs and substances, even for the addiction cases that are more severe. Abusing drugs changes neurological thought processes and greatly alters perceptions on behaviors and habits – changes that may result in a blurred outlook on what’s actually occurring in your life.

Fortunately, for patients who seek treatment at Rehab South Florida, overcoming addiction is easier than ever as the treatment team works around-the-clock to ensure patients receive a symptom-free experience.

Components of an Effective Rehabilitation Treatment - Rehab South Florida

Inpatient Drug Rehab
Inpatient Drug Rehab

When it comes to recovering from drug addiction there are some foundational components, or, rather, a set of principles that should be followed. Rehab South Florida is committed to ensuring that each patient receives top-notch and individualized care and our treatments are founded on some very important principals that ensure patients receive the care that our reputation is known for.

We believe that:

  • Drug addiction is a complex yet treatable disease that directly affects the brains function and physical behavior.
  • No single or universal treatment is best-suited for all.
  • Patients should have immediate access to treatment(s) or care as needed.
  • Individualized created recovery treatment plans will address problems outside of only the drug addiction.
  • Patients should stay in treatment for a long enough period of time – duration of time that will allow them to get through addiction cravings/withdrawals. Both counseling and therapy are effective forms of treatments that immensely benefit patients throughout their recovery journey.
  • Medications are helpful in symptom management efforts and will play an important role during treatments. Especially if behavioral therapy sessions are being attended by the patient.
  • Treatment plans must be continually monitored and adjusted based on the patients recovery needs. Closely monitoring and tracking patient progress enables us to effectively adjust treatments based on the needs of the patient.
  • Treatments administered during rehab should also address any possible underlying mental illnesses or disorders.
  • To achieve sobriety detoxification is the first mandatory step that patients should undergo.
  • Individuals don’t need to attend drug rehab voluntarily in order for it to be effective.
  • Patient health, comfort, and well-being should never be unmonitored and always prioritized.
  • Rehabilitation programs should conduct tests on patients to check for diseases such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis B/C or tuberculosis. Providing education on steps that can be taken to reduce health risks or to avoid such infectious diseases are also preventative measures that we employ.

What treatments are provided to resolve drug addiction at Rehab?

Treatments for Drug Abuse
Treatments for Drug Abuse

For many, the thought of attending a rehabilitation center is one that’s daunting, frightening, and stressful. If such emotions sweep over you when considering the decision of attending rehab just know that you’re not alone and that these emotions are natural. You may feel a bit uneasy during your first step to making the choice to become sober, and, that’s okay.

Rehab South Florida is here to hold your hand through the journey and we stand by your side to ensure your path to sobriety is one that’s tolerable, pain-free, and symptom-free. Patients have really enjoyed the therapeutic-styled recovery plans that we provide and you can rest assured knowing that your recovery is in the hands of highly experienced medical and care professionals that have decades of experience in treating drug addictions of all types.

Well, our facility is one that’s all-inclusive; one that makes available many forms of treatments to patients to help give patients the best chances possible for recovery.


There are many tools and programs that are useful for drug rehabilitation including:

  • Behavioral counseling – We educate patients on how to cope with withdrawals so physical outbursts or unwanted reactions are kept to a minimum.
  • Medication – Used to help manage and ease symptoms stemming from withdrawals.
  • Medical equipment or applications that permit our doctors, nurses, and addiction specialists to manage and treat withdrawal symptoms that patients experience.
  • A complete health evaluation where we determine if a co-occurring mental health disorder is an underlying factor. An example of this would be anxiety or depression (possible causes of the addiction).
  • Long-term follow ups as a part of the relapse prevention effort.

Rehab South Florida’s holistic rehabilitation approach encompasses the diagnosis of physical and mental conditions to determine and solve issues lying at the root of the problem.

Drug Rehab Services and Levels of Treatment Provided at Rehab South Florida

Enabling our patients to achieve sobriety begins with our host of treatment programs that we’ve made available to all patients. Our clinical experts are devoted to setting a new standard in the field of addiction management and have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in treating addictions. We provide a multitude of treatment programs all of which are conducted in a nurturing approach.

Drug Rehab Centers

Persevering through addiction and succeeding the constraints that it inhibits your life with is no longer a challenge as our seasoned substance abuse professionals will ensure that you receive the tools, therapies, and medications you need, when you need it, to stride through the phases of recovery.

Our treatment programs include a PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and OP (Outpatient Program). We’ll be covering each of these programs in more detail below so you can begin to familiarize yourself with the patient and residence programs that we have available.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – Rehab South Florida

Drug Rehab Florida
Drug Rehab

The Partial Hospitalization Program (also referred to as PHP) is one of the many levels of care offered at Rehab South Florida and is designed for patients who ready to take on independency.

Our PHP program is best suited for patients that have been using or abusing drugs for a prolonged period of time and would benefit from a regimented treatment program that allows them to maintain independency. A prolonged and highly effective treatment option; the PHP program will help patients to overcome addiction and maintain sobriety.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is designed for patients that would reap benefits from a structured agenda while not needing minute-to-minute supervision or care. This program consists of both the partial hospitalization along with day treatments. For patients that are in the PHP program that have been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder or has a co-occurring mental health disorder, multiple levels of care me be provided as PHP alone may not be enough (we’ll determine this based on your initial health & addiction evaluation).

Recovery for patients at the PHP level of care is designed for those that:

  • Have already completed either an inpatient or residential treatment program for behavioral health, mental health or a substance abuse disorder and would greatly benefit from a structured support system as they begin their transition to a lifestyle that’s more independent.
  • Have mental conditions, behavioral issues or substance-related disorders that aren’t so severe that they don’t require the same kind of intensive treatment that’s provided in our inpatient or residential treatment programs.

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All recovery plans at Rehab South Florida are created with the patient’s sobriety in mind as this is the ultimate end-goal that we want to help you achieve.

Upon arriving to our facility, the PHP program may or may not be suggested and will depend on the severity of your addiction and the conclusion of your health examination. Your treatment plan will be devised during your admissions and will be discussed with you by the counselor that first sits down with you for an interview.

If you, a close friend or loved one is struggling with drug addiction, symptoms or depression than Rehab South Florida can provide the help needed to overcome such dependencies and emotions. There’s always hope to turn addiction around and to lead a life of sobriety and we make that possible through our years of extensive addiction management experience.

Becoming sober is as simple as acknowledging that the addiction exists and understanding that the there’s a better way to live, and, a better way to deal with depression and anxiety (other than drugs and substances).

One of the best ways to begin recovering from addiction is to attend our outpatient program which is also referred to as the partial hospitalization program.

When's a Partial Hospitalization Program Required?

PHP Rehab
PHP Rehab

For those suffering from addiction; experiencing symptoms such as depression and anxiety is a daily occurrence and are feelings that certainly don’t make combating addiction any easier.

Furthermore, drug and substance abuse can make it increasingly more difficult to foster and maintain relationships with friends and loved ones and can make prioritizing what’s important to you in life a blur. Because of the adverse reactions that symptoms such as depression and anxiety can cause, many will return to further use of their choice of drug(s) to cope with such feelings.

For individuals involved in long-term drug use, addiction recovery often times requires a more vigorous treatment plan; one that provides more than just a couple of weekly group therapy sessions. If you regularly have thoughts such as “I’m not able to leave my home” or “I want to injure myself to ease pain or symptoms” then a partial hospitalization program may be the right choice for you.

Rehab South Florida’s PHP program was a great choice for me as it allowed me to receive treatments throughout the week while not limiting the amount of time that I could spend with my family.

Treatments by day during scheduled times made recovery flexible with my schedule!

– Robert

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During the admissions process to Rehab South Florida, the counselor or primary therapist, during your evaluation, will decipher if such symptoms are occurring and if so the partial hospitalization program may be recommended. One indicator that an individual needs to attend a partial hospitalization program is prolonged drug abuse since the longer drugs are used the more intense withdrawals can be.

While some individuals use drugs or alcohol to manage emotions (such as depression), some are dependent on their drug(s) of choice simply due to the extent in which they were used.

If the PHP is a program that you’re interested in or would like to recommend to a friend or family member, more information can be learned by calling 561-933-5522.

While drug use can temporarily provide relief to users it often times magnifies the problems that the user was trying to relieve themselves from in the first place. Rehab South Florida enables patients to take part in a long-term recovery plan that will provide a permanent recovery solution and our partial hospitalization program has equipped thousands of patients with the tools and treatments needed to overcome even the most severe of addictions.

How does a Partial Hospitalization Program work?

Inpatient Drug Rehab

In our Partial Hospitalization program patients receive the individualized care and attention that their recovery requires. Typically, patients in our PHP program will attend sessions during the week for a total of 6 hours. Upon commencement of these sessions patients are permitted to return home to their residence. Patients in the program can greatly benefit from being surrounded by friends and family members as support and love from those you care most about can greatly contribute to the recovery process (and a PHP program allows you to reside at home to be with family).

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At our facility, some of the weekly sessions that you attend will permit the attendance of your family members. It’s important to continue fostering relationships with loved ones as their role in your recovery can greatly impact the process positively (and family integration is something we strongly encourage).

Patients in the program will enjoy both individuals therapeutic sessions in addition to sessions that are group-based. One-on-one therapies will take place with one an on-site therapist that will help you to understand your progress and will work with you to create a plan to work on the areas that are deemed to need improvement. Of course, your designated therapist will be in close communications with doctors and nurses so the staff as a whole will have an understanding of your recovery status and medical needs.

Effective Withdrawal Management makes Recovery Easy

Drug Rehabilitation
Effective Withdrawal Management

The therapist, throughout your recovery, will begin to create a deep understanding of not only your health but symptoms or emotions that you’re experiencing such as anxiety or depression and will identify what triggers (if any) are present. Based on a number of components, the therapist will work in close conjunction with other medical professionals at our facility to curate an individualized treatment plan that will focus in on the particular areas that your recovery needs improvement on.

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Group sessions in the PHP program are highly effective and will continually remind patients that they’re not alone in their fight against addiction. Furthermore, group sessions that allow patient family members to attend is a great way for close relatives to learn more about the nature of addiction and will educate them on ways that they can help you to maintain your sobriety at home. Many patients enjoy the support groups in our PHP program for the simple fact that they’re able to create a new support network of friends that are currently going through the same situation.

Friendships created in the support group often times extend outside of our treatment facility which is a great way for our patients to establish a new social network of friends where encouragement for sobriety can be provided. Being around friends that aren’t involved in drug or alcohol use is vitally important to maintaining sobriety which is why our support groups are so crucial to recovery – since your new friends are also working towards self-improvement.

Process of Addiction Drug Rehab – Rehab South Florida

Rehab South Florida

Rehabilitation is a process that typically requires multiple levels of care and intensive treatments. Rehab South Florida is committed to aiding patients thru to sobriety and helps patients to overcome addiction through our extensive experience in addiction management.

While the specific treatments and steps for recovery will vary from patient to patient there are a certain set of key elements that are involved throughout the drug rehabilitation journey.

The recovery process includes a few key phases including:

  • Intake
  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ongoing recovery

We’ll be going in-depth on each of these phases below so you can begin to take your first steps in the direction to sobriety! If you have any questions or want to make an admissions inquiry for you or a loved one, please call 561-933-5522.

So, what’s Drug Rehab? What all is really involved?

So, you’re considering taking the first step towards sobriety and are looking for a drug rehab facility that can accommodate your recovery needs. Taking the next step can be a worrying endeavor but know that you’re not alone. In 2012, approximately 23.1 million people needed recovery treatment for a drug or substance abuse issue as reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The life-changing choice to attend rehab is a decision that many suffering from addiction are a bit nervous and apprehensive to make.

However, leading a drug-free life will help to reinstill the sense of self-confidence and most importantly allow you to improve your health and foster meaningful relationships. Rehab South Florida makes use of medical advancements, evidence-based recovery approaches, and years of addiction treatment experience to help leverage the weaknesses of addiction so patients can overcome dependency.

Continue reading to learn what awaits you on the journey to recovery.

Should I Attend Drug Rehab? – Your 1st Step to Achieving Sobriety

Florida Drug Rehab Centers
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Making the choice to attend a drug rehabilitation center is by far the best decision that someone suffering from addiction could make when wanting to recover from substance abuse. Institutions that specialize in providing addiction recovery care, such as Rehab South Florida, help patients to deviate from the life of addiction and transition to one that’s sober. Of course, the transition process can be difficult at times for the patient as cravings, emotions, and withdrawals may occur.

This is why medicated and therapeutic treatments are provided on an as-needed basis; so patients can more easily copy with unwanted emotions.

Patients at our facility enjoy engaging in cooperative group therapy sessions and one-on-one therapeutic sessions; such as motivational interviewing. Such treatments are made available to patients to help facilitate the transition of change – a change to becoming independent with the ability to exercise self-control.

One of the many reasons that our patients achieve sobriety is because each individual that we’re treating for recovery will be treated as a “whole” and not only for the addiction. Concentrating treatment on the various triggers that may be causing the patient to abuse their drug(s) of choice is vitally important as a part of our relapse prevention efforts.

When it comes to what Rehab programs are available there a few including:

  • Short-term residential
  • Long-term residential
  • Brief Intervention
  • Outpatient
  • Sober living facilities
  • Partial hospitalization


Treatments for Drug Abuse
Treatments for Drug Abuse

Addiction, in a way, is rather simple to understand but complex in nature. When someone is involved with drug use, whether it’s prescription medication or a street-level drug, the risk of a dependency occurring is there. While there are some precursors, such as a genetic predisposition, that could raise the chances of the likelihood that someone becomes substance-dependent, no one is exempt from the chance of becoming addicted if use of drugs is occurring.

There are many individuals that suffer from an addiction that were not raised in an environment where drug use was prevalent. There are also many addicts that have parents that have never had used drugs. The chronic and mental illness of addiction finds a way to weave its way in to the life of its victims and takes over to the point where the drug becomes the focal point of all interests.

This commonly results in the addict feeling helpless, dysfunctional, and unstable. Rehab South Florida intervenes in such addiction cases where rehabilitation is needed for recovery. Through a comprehensive recovery approach our treatments hone in on the root of the problem and will enable patients to achieve sobriety as we stand by their side.

The Intake Process

Drug Rehab Centers
Admissions – 561-933-5522

During your recovery intake process, patients at Rehab South Florida will meet either with a counselor, psychologist or a therapist.

The intake process is simply an interview-styled process that serves as a means to admit patients to a substance abuse treatment program. During this time, the counselor, psychologist or therapist will review your medical history and/or mental health history which will be assessed to determine which treatment route would be ideal. Upon the completion of your medical history examination our clinical staff may require that you undergo a physical exam or a mental health screening. During this time you’ll also be asked a series of questions where you may be asked about the circumstances that are surrounding your addiction (such as a reasons that led to it).

Be Transparent with your Therapist/Doctor during Intake

Best Rehabs in Florida
Best Rehabs in Florida

Many times, patients during the intake process may feel inclined to lie about their addiction and drug intake as a certain level of shame about their addiction is present. It’s important that the details of your addiction that you provide the therapist with is accurate and truthful as transparency will lead to a better recovery outcome. It’s vital to your recovery that you’re open and transparent with our staff not only during the intake process but throughout the entire recovery.

Keep in mind that at Rehab South Florida, all of the information that you choose to share with us is entirely confidential and will never be shared with anyone outside of our treatment staff.

Questioning during the interview process and throughout recovery is done so we can create an individualized treatment plan based on your specific recovery needs and goals. Adjustments to your treatments throughout your recovery may also be made, if needed.

During the intake process, financial circumstances and options for payments/admissions will also be reviewed and discussed. We work closely with patients to help streamline the admissions process and will help to facilitate payment arrangements on your behalf with your coverage provider.

Medical Drug Detoxification

Drug Detox Centers Near Me
Drug Detox Centers Near Me

Rehabilitation and achieving sobriety begins with medical detoxification and is the first step to overcoming addiction for the long-term. During detox we will begin to administer treatments that will affectively rid your body of unwanted toxins that may be left from your addiction. Detox of South Florida’s detox treatments will provide patients with a clean slate to begin focusing on improving health and to form new healthy habits.

Drug Detox allows your body’s digestive system begin the process of ridding any remaining substances that may still be present while allowing yourself to adjust to the absence of the substance(s). During the detoxification phase, patients will experience a restoration to their physical well-being and mental state but undesirable symptoms will also arise (which we also manage).

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Keep in mind that drug detoxification isn’t intended to actually cure the addiction itself. Rather, detox is intended to “begin” your recovery, it’s the first step.

While detoxification approaches can be taken at home, detox is most effective when administered and monitored by trained substance abuse recovery professionals. Our highly trained and proficient addiction recovery professionals will kick-start your journey to long-term sobriety through comprehensive treatment approaches.

The length in which patients attend drug detoxification treatment will vary but the entire process is typically a multi-day process and in some cases will take weeks to complete depending on the severity of the addiction and length of drug use. Patients that are undergoing medication-assisted drug detox treatment will be administered medications on a supervised basis by a doctor. This will be done on an as-needed basis to ease withdrawal symptoms to make the transition to recovery more tolerable.

Ongoing Treatment

Drug Rehabilitation
Highest Success Rate Drug Rehab

Completing the rehabilitation program at Rehab South Florida is a tremendous accomplishment and is one that’s certainly worth celebrating. However, after treatments have been received, maintaining sobriety is a must and is a life-long commitment. Assuming that a 30 to 60-day treatment program will solve all of your addiction problems and won’t require any additional effort on your part to sustain your new life that’s free from drug use isn’t the right thought process to have.

Research has shown that a majority of relapses occur in the first six months of treatment. By understanding triggers, you can better guard yourself against the coming difficulties.

Our commitment to patient care doesn’t stop when treatments are completed as this is the time when relapses are most likely to occur. Long-term sobriety is the purpose behind our recovery services and this will be accomplished through integrated forms of post-recovery rehabilitation.

Types of ongoing care for addiction recovery includes:

Individual therapy – Patients will meet with an on-site therapist where you’ll learn that addiction is more than just a chemical dependence. Triggers can be lead to a lifestyle of reusing drugs and in individual therapy you’ll learn how to better manage stress and emotions in ways that don’t involve substances. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which is offered at Rehab South Florida, will help patients after treatments to understand and handle personal issues in a holistic approach.

Check-ups – In order to help patients with accountability, regular visits by patients with one of our mental health professionals will educate patients on ways to cope with mental symptoms. Thoughts such as “My stress level is too high and I cannot manage these feelings without drugs” are toxic though processes and often times will result in a relapse. Check-ups, which typically take place once every three months, will help patients to understand their progress.

12-step Meetings – Patients at our facility will have the opportunity to be involved in the 12-step program where patients can freely discuss and admit to their addiction(s) with others in addition to receiving support. Originating with the Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-step program has become a widely accepted and adopted program for those suffering from addictions to drugs such as nicotine or crack cocaine.

Can I keep my job while attending drug rehab?

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Florida
Work During the Treatment

If you’re suffering from a substance dependency and are postponing treatments due to the fear of not being able to maintain your employment during treatments than we have wonderful news for you. Unfortunately, many of those suffering from addiction will dismiss treatments as they believe that they’ll be unable to work. However, Rehab South Florida accommodates treatments for many patients that maintain jobs and we help you to maintain a healthy and convenient balance of your treatments and work commitments.

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So, are you able to work while undergoing rehabilitation treatments? Absolutely! We’re committed to improving the lives of our patients. Treatments that take you away from constructive and productive tasks (such as a job) would hinder your progress in other areas of life. For such cases, patients are often times referred to an outpatient program as it’s the perfect treatment option for those needing to maintain a work schedule as only a few visits per week to our facility would be required.

When it comes to inpatient rehab, being able to work while receiving treatments may be a bit more difficult to coordinate but even then there may be a chance that you could take part in a work release program. This is something that we can usually facilitate for patients and for inquiries on such a program you can reach us at 561-933-5522.

One thing to keep in mind is that “by law” your job may be required to permit your attendance to treatments without the option of terminating your employment. Since laws exist that are designed to help addicts maintain productivity during drug rehabilitation you may find it much easier to attend rehab than you thought.

Admission in to Rehab couldn't be Easier!

Drug Rehab South Florida
Drug Rehab South Florida

Back in 2016, a survey launched by “Recovery Brands” took place where patients that attended a rehab center were asked a series of questions about their overall experience. The primary question to be answered in the survey was, “What characteristics of a rehab center do you most value?” – The most common answer to this question was “the rehab centers financial acceptance policies”.

This means that to a patient, one of the most important factors to consider when reviewing a rehab center is “what coverage providers are accepted?” Attending a rehabilitation center can be costly and a rehab center accepting most insurance providers is one of the most concerning worries for future patients.

Because finances are certainly something to consider when seeking treatment it’s always advised to seek a center that accepts multiple coverage providers (to better increase the odds of your insurance being one that’s accepted). Not “all” drug rehab centers accept multiple insurance companies. This is one of the many reasons why Rehab South Florida is often times the recommended option to those wanting to overcome addiction. Since we accept coverage from a total of 12 insurance companies’ patients can rest assured knowing that we make multiple treatment coverage options available.

Rehab South Florida makes admissions a streamlined process and we’ll work on your behalf with your coverage provider(s) to facilitate the costs of treatment.

Patients attending our center are able to use multiple insurance providers including:

  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • TUFTS Health Plan
  • AmeriHealth
  • VitalSource
  • UnitedHealthCare
  • Optum
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Hartford Healthcare Federal Credit Union
  • Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare
  • CareFirst
  • United Behavioral Health

Our Promise

Rehab South Florida is committed to patient care and is focused on providing a rehabilitation experience that’s not found elsewhere. We employ many evidence-based treatments and therapies and work with patients one-on-one to devise a rehabilitation plan that’s curated for patient’s individualized addiction needs.

We understand that addiction is a tough battle to fight and overcome alone which is why many individuals suffering from addiction seek the guidance of the staff here at “Rehab South Florida”.

We look forward to continuing our mission in providing top-notch rehabilitation care to patients and we look forward to building upon the already large list of patients that have successfully recovered from addiction thru utilizing our staff’s clinical experience and our programs.

Begin your journey to recovery today!

Don’t fight addiction alone when helps is only a phone call away! We’re a compassionate-based rehabilitation center that thoroughly understands the complexities surrounding addiction. If you or a family member is in need of a drug rehab center that can provide the intensive treatments that will overcome addiction than contact our facility today to learn more about admissions and what we offer.

Below you’ll find a few ways you can reach us. Our center is open 24/7, 365 days a year and there is always a helpful staff member available to talk.