Detox and Addiction Rehab Center for Couples in Florida

Detox and Addiction Rehab Center for Couples in Florida


Rehab for Couples
Rehab for Couples

The life-changing choice to attend a couple’s rehab center isn’t always an easy decision to make.  For most couples, the thought alone of becoming sober can become overwhelming.  After all, many couples that struggle with substance use disorders aren’t properly educated on recovery practices, treatment options, and help available to them. 

Couples Rehab Center in Florida
Couples Rehab Center in Florida

We understand that this decision can cause a lot of distress, especially if it’s your first time undergoing professional recovery.  If the thought of going to rehab is overwhelming, whether for the fear of experiencing undesirable symptoms or for the fear of not having adequate support, don’t worry.  This guide will lay your worries to rest as we introduce you to our couples rehab program which addresses patient addictions while prioritizing the comfort levels of couples.

The purpose of this write-up is to ease your concerns so you can begin to seek the help your relationship requires.  Help is available to you, effective symptom-management treatment is offered, and evidence-based therapies that are designed to ease mental challenges throughout your journey will help you to maintain your commitment to becoming abstinent.

Overcoming addiction, achieving sobriety, and maintaining abstinence can be challenging for anyone that struggles with a substance abuse disorder.  However, when romantically involved couples are both struggling with substance abuse together, choosing to “quit” can present a unique set of challenges. 

Rehab South Florida – Couples Rehab

It’s not uncommon for couples that abuse drugs to engage in altercations and fights which can cause a growing emotional distance between the partners.  Unfortunately, emotional distress in relationships stemming from drug abuse will usually encourage the partners to seek out and use more of the drug as a way to cope.

Couples abusing drugs that fight with one another have the tendency to increase their substance abuse in fierce cycles as a stress-relief outlet, and, to mentally escape their problem(s). 

Fortunately, there are Florida couples rehab centers that offer specialized care, detox, and rehab for married and non-married couples that struggle with substance abuse related issues.

Rehab South Florida’s unique recovery approaches have helped many couples with overcoming addiction, achieving long-term sobriety, and remaining abstinent post-treatment.  Rehab South Florida’s recovery-based treatments; of which are evidence-based, are specially designed for couples wanting to combat addiction together.  Addiction, by nature, is a complex mental illness to diagnose and treat. 

Florida Couples Rehab Center
Florida Couples Rehab Center

Addiction treatment becomes all that much challenging for couples though due to the many underlying causes of the addiction(s) that may be present and prompting abuse.

In this couples rehab in Florida you’ll be given the information you’ll need to begin seeking treatment for you and your partner.  Rehab South Florida’s continuum of couples-focused recovery care programs equips addiction-struggling couples with the tools, support, therapies, and counseling needed in order to have a successful recovery outcome.


To speak with a RSF admissions specialist please contact us at 561-933-5522 to explore the treatment options available to couples.

Addiction Treatment for Couples – Rehab South Florida

Couples Receiving Treatment Together
Couples Receiving Treatment Together

Couples that seek addiction treatment together in a professional, medically supervised environment will benefit greatly; for a good number of reasons too. 

Receiving treatment together, especially when both partners are as equally committed to becoming sober long-term, will help the couple to have a better chance at succeeding addiction.  Assuming that both partners are willing to begin the recovery process, the recovery program at Rehab South Florida will not only help couples to break-free from the cycle of addiction but will also help to fortify the relationship by identifying, addressing, and treating the underlying causes that caused the addiction to begin with.

Couples struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol usually have challenges with establishing boundaries, expressing emotions, decision-making skills, parenting, and managing finances.  At RSF, our couples rehab program extends workshop programs that teach couples about education, skill-set development, training/counseling, and healthy lifestyle practices to maintain abstinence post-treatment.

Our couples program is unique in nature compared to those found at other rehab centers as our staff can educate and treat couples where only one of the partners is struggling with a substance use disorder.  Whether it’s one or both partners that require treatment, we can help. 

Rehab South Florida – Couples Rehab

If only one partner in the relationship is dependent on drugs/alcohol, the other partner can still benefit by attending rehab to learn about managing triggers that prompt their partner to “use”.  This way, once treatment has commenced, the partner that wasn’t dependent can help the recovering spouse with remaining abstinent by avoiding triggers, situations, and/or behaviors that may have otherwise caused a relapse.

We work closely with couples, one-on-one, to educate, treat, and teach the tools needed to: overcome challenges, prevent a relapse, and achieve long-term abstinence/sobriety.

“The potential of going to treatment is long-lasting recovery, and, a happier, healthier, and abuse-free relationship.  I and my husband are happy we chose Rehab South Florida – we’re now nearly 2 years sober!” – Jessica & David A.

What to Expect during Couples Rehab Treatment

What to Expect During Couples Rehab Treatment
What to Expect During Couples Rehab Treatment

Along with the traditional therapies that a struggling addict would normally receive (non-couple dependents in treatment) – couples in rehab can expect to also receive care that focuses on the health and recovery of the relationship.  Treatment for individuals is helpful when it comes to addressing the substance use disorder but many times does not include therapy or treatments that address issues related to the relationship.

At Rehab South Florida, our couples rehab program will benefit patients by offering relationship counseling and substance abuse treatments that address the addiction from all possible angles. 

Addiction treatments combined with relationship counseling provide the best recovery outcomes for couples seeking treatment.  Treatment plans designed for couples also gives the partners a new perspective and framework on life for after treatment.  Post-treatment, couples may find themselves in uncharted territory as they reside together sober and free of substance use/abuse.

Some recovery centers offer inpatient and/or outpatient programs. In some cases, a combination of both may be undergone, where one partner participates in the inpatient program, and the other in outpatient sessions at scheduled times throughout the week. 

The route you choose will be determined by your recovery goals, healthcare needs, and the center in which you attend for treatment.


In an inpatient program, the couple (assuming both are in the same program) would reside on-site in home-style living quarters.  The couple’s in an outpatient program would receive treatment(s) at their facility during scheduled times throughout the week (while continuing to live at home). 

Regardless of the format you choose, clinical research studies have shown that partners struggling together with addiction are better able to exercise abstinence post-treatment and will also experience higher satisfaction levels in their relationship when committing to treatment TOGETHER.  Couples in rehab that are equally dedicated to recovery are also more likely to function better with their family and maintain healthy life practices.

Treating substance abuse related problems utilizing the specially designed tools and recovery methodologies offered in couples rehab will enable you both to focus on achieving sobriety and repairing/strengthening the relationship.  A successful outcome will be life-changing and will result in a healthier, happier, and abuse-free relationship with long-last benefits.

Substances Treated for Couples at Rehab South Florida

As Florida’s leading addiction recovery center for individuals and couples we pride ourselves of providing top-of-the-line addiction treatment services to both Florida-based patients and struggling addicts throughout the United States.  We exceed patient expectations by administering recovery services that take a patient-centric approach to treatments in order to achieve balance for both physical health and mental stability.

Our multi-disciplinary team has decades of combined experience in the field of addiction recovery care and overtime has addressed and implemented recovery plans for all classes of drugs.  Our clinical team makes use of evidence-based techniques to provide recovery treatments for couples struggling with addiction to:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Heroin
  • Painkillers
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription drugs

Essentially, at RSF, the abuse of ANY substance is treatable at our facility. 

What has helped our center to achieve such great recovery outcomes for patients is our comprehensive treatment approach.  We identify, address, and treat the addiction itself, but, in addition to that, also treat co-occurring psychiatric or mental health disorders (such as anxiety or depression) that could be underlying causes of the addictive behavior.   

To ensure the integrity and strength of your relationship, attending a couple’s rehab program TOGETHER will be one of the greatest life decisions you make. 

What Treatments can I expect to receive at RSF in Couple’s Rehab?

Yes, you can do it
Yes, you can do it

Depending on the type of substance abused, the treatment(s) you receive in couple’s rehab will vary.  Usually, most couple’s in our program will receive a form of behavioral therapy to treat issues related to the addiction.  This is because behavioral therapy is clinically shown to promoting positive change that’s long-lasting.  During behavioral therapy, couples have the opportunity to learn new methods of interacting between one another which consequently increases positive conversations among the recovering partners.  It’s also shown to help couples have clearer, supportive communication skills.

Ultimately, this helps the partners to achieve and maintain abstinence and also to begin fostering healthier, happier, long-lasting, and meaningful relationships.


RSF hosts an array of couple-focused, evidence-based treatment programs, including:

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) – In short, MAT is the use of withdrawal-alleviating medication.  This method of addiction treatment offers couples with comprehensive treatment that uses medicines including buprenorphine, methadone, and Naltrexone.  These evidence-based medications not only ease symptoms of withdrawals but also help during detox.  They also curb symptoms in patients once detox is completed; ensuring couples have a nearly symptom-free recovery experience.  Furthermore, medication-assisted treatment also incorporates recovery education to the non-addicted spouse where they’ll learn how to best support the recovery of their partner.

12-step meetings – 12-step meetings, such as “Recovering Couples Anonymous” (RCA); offer couples with additional support and therapy for recovering from dependency to drugs and/or alcohol.  A majority of couples that continue to be active in RCA meetings post-treatment have a higher chance of maintaining their abstinence from substance use.  As with most other form of 12-step recovery programs, the focus of 12-step groups is for the recovering addicts to submit to a superior power while working through the program, and, usually with the assistance of a sponsor. 

Also, RCA emphasizes the need for couples to maintain their commitment to one another in their promise to maintain sobriety and to refrain from the use of drugs/alcohol.

Is Rehab the right choice for my relationship?  What you need to know

Couples that are struggling with substance abuse and addiction usually only enjoy one another’s company when using the drug together.  If drug or alcohol use is beginning to negatively impact the relationship then now is the best time for you to seek couples rehab treatment at Rehab South Florida.  Delaying treatment could result in even further damage to the relationship.

Couples rehab can aid struggling addicts with addressing and treating various issues, including:

Substance abuse and conflicts – You may have noticed that you and your partner are experiencing more altercations, fights, and arguments attributed to the use and abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.  It’s common for couples struggling with addiction to argue about finances and daily responsibilities.  At Rehab South Florida couples will participate in relationship counseling so such problems don’t arise between the partners once recovery has been completed.

Hiding your partner’s behaviors – As an example, if your spouse wakes up tomorrow morning with a hangover, you may be asked and may call in to your partner’s place of employment on their behalf to “call in sick”.  Another example would be if your life-partner is too occupied to visit a family event and you choose to call the family with excuses as to why he/she didn’t show up.

Becoming distant from family, friends, and other social settings –   Drug use, abusing alcohol or a combination of using both can become so pervasive that the user begins to isolate themselves from others; even those they once cared about.

Experiencing intimacy only while using – Some couples will find that they’re only closely intimate with one another while “using”.  This is problematic as when the effects of “using” subside it’s easy for the couple to engage in argumentative type behaviors that will only encourage them to increase usage.

Domestic violence – Drug and alcohol use inhibits one’s decision-making abilities.  Exercising proper judgment is difficult to do while under the influence.  You may find that you hit/push your spouse out of anger (or even accept this behavior towards you from them) which may cause you a great deal of regret the following day.  Serious cases of domestic violence in couples struggling with addiction are not uncommon and can escalate rather quickly.

Domestic violence, only experiencing intimacy while under the influence, covering up for your partner’s behaviors, and conflicts stemming from the abuse should be addressed immediately.  These are signs of a failing relationship due to addiction.  If such signs are beginning to surface in your relationship please contact our admissions specialist is 561-933-5522 to explore your treatment options.

Possible Recovery Outcomes in Couples Rehab

Measuring Recovery
Measuring Recovery

When both partners in the relationship are equally committed to relieving their lives from dependency to drugs/alcohol the couples can expect a great recovery outcome.  One of the most important components for couples maintaining attendance in treatment is motivation between the two partners. 

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “motivation” is a key component to an individual’s ability to successfully recover from addiction. 

Positive encouragement is considered to be a vital element throughout therapy and will help the partner(s) to maintain their commitment to overcoming addiction.  Motivation is easily strengthened during couples rehab so long as both partners consistently reaffirm their “recovery contract” and commitment to one another’s sobriety.  Couples therapy has great advantages for both of the partners, mainly of which being that relapse is less likely to occur, even if only one of the partners is struggling with addiction (as the other partner can learn about triggers that may prompt use in the other spouse).

What should I do before calling Rehab South Florida?

Prior to calling our facility there’s some information you’ll want to organize about you or the other addicted couple you’re seeing treatment for.  For example, you’ll want to jot down yours or your loved one’s insurance provider and policy number along with as much information about the substance abuse problem itself.  Writing down the list of abused substances, the amount used, the duration in which abuse has taken place, and the method of “use” or administration will be important details that you’ll want to have prepared prior to calling in.

Also, if present, you’ll want to write down and disclose to our admissions specialist any co-occurring mental health disorders and medical conditions.  Psychological disorders and other medical-related conditions are relevant to treatment and will be taken in to account when received treatments at our facility as when treating addictions it’s paramount that surround issues are also addressed.

Rehab South Florida makes couples rehab more accessible by accepting coverage from some of the largest providers, including:

  • Cigna                                                                          
  • TUFTS Health Plan
  • AmeriHealth
  • VitalSource
  • United Healthcare
  • Optum
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Hartford Healthcare
  • Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
  • CareFirst
  • United Behavioral Health

Our treatment team works closely with couples to understand recovery goals that will lead to the development of a treatment plan that will provide the couple with the best recovery outcome possible.  Our facility also renders treatments that are based on a set of core values:

  • A patient-centric approach to treatment in order to achieve balanced mental health.
  • Compassionate, nurturing and expert approach to patient care.
  • Advocacy and support of patient’s transition back into society.
  • Providing support networks to help patients maintain sobriety

Overall, couples rehab can be a life-changing experience for both partners; especially when both are equally as dedicated to becoming dependent-free from drugs/ alcohol. 

As a highly credentialed treatment center that has helped many couples with overcoming addiction, strengthen/repair their relationships, and lead substance-free and purposeful lives – we feel confident that we can exceed your expectations and give you and your spouse the individualized attention you require.

We look forward to playing a role in the recovery of you and your partner’s life and are excited to know that you’re taking the first steps to receive the help you need.