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Nutritional Fitness for Addiction Recovery

Nutritional Fitness for Addiction Recovery

Nutritional Fitness for Addiction Recovery

Here at Rehab South Florida we focus on providing recovery treatment for patients longing for sobriety. Our comprehensive rehabilitation programs encompass a multitude of individualized therapies and treatments tailored to the specific recovery needs for each patient. As a specialty treatment center rendering evidence-based treatments to those suffering from addiction – we’ve been able to hone in our efforts on the areas that have proven to be most effective.

Aside from conventional therapies such as the 12-step program and recreational therapeutic activities – we extend additional support to help individuals regain their cognitive health and physical strength (areas of personal health often times affected by the use abuse of drugs or alcohol).

One program that helps to accomplish this is “Nutritional Fitness” – a form of treatment that aids patients in creating and maintaining healthy meal planning to help restore vital nutrients that may have been lost as a result of drug/alcohol use.

Drug or chemical dependency often times results in users becoming dehydrated, out of shape, and mentally/physically drained and this is because of the body lacking the intake of enriched foods containing the nutrients it needs. Drug use can suppress appetite and will discourage users from wanting to eat or drink fluids which are detrimental to personal health.

Rehab South Florida

Rehab South Florida

Many patients experience symptoms such as feeling weak or experiencing depression which in many cases will result in further use of the their drug of choice. Furthermore, such symptoms can cause extended drug abuse to ease the side effects and as such the seeking of treatment is usually placed on the back burner.

At “Rehab South Florida”, our logical and methodical approach to helping patients reach sobriety involves the contributing benefits that nutritional fitness has to offer.

Imagine being able to feel your best. Have you forgotten the feeling of not being anxious, feeling tired, or depressed. Well, at “Rehab South Florida”, we genuinely care about the health of patients and through nutritional fitness will help clients to better manage addiction and combat craving – in addition to providing the essential tools needed to understand, manage, and cope with stress. At RSF, we take a holistic, evidence-based approach to end addiction by helping patients to make healthy lifestyle changes.

You no longer need to “imagine” being your best. At “Rehab South Florida”, we provide the tools you need and enable you to live healthier so that you can!

Nutritional Fitness Contributing to Drug or Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Nutritional Fitness Contributing to Drug or Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Nutritional Fitness Contributing to Drug or Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Clinical studies and research has determined that exercise combined with a nutritious diet can aid in the combat against recovery and is a highly effective approach to preventing relapse. To make such a claim, the benefits provided by a nutritional diet are assessed by analyzing its effect on damaged areas of the body such as the joints, muscles, and bones (and even the cardiovascular/respiratory system).

Because a nutritional diet has proven to be effective in helping recovering addicts to regain motor skills and balance, we provide it to our patients here at “Rehab South Florida” to help give individuals the best “second chance” to sobriety that they’ll have.

Furthermore, nutritional planning in conjunction with exercise can immensely help patients reach or maintain weight ambitions, including increasing muscle mass, tone, strength, and agility (all on top of achieving sobriety). Last but not least, by maintaining a healthy diet during regular workout routines; the nutritious foods you ingest will release both endorphins and serotonin in the body. This greatly decreases withdrawal cravings while also helping patients to sleep better, manage depression/anxiety, and improve self-confidence.

As an addict, it’s important to know that you’re not left alone to combat the strides of addiction alone. At Rehab South Florida we’ll hold your hand along the journey to sobriety to help you overcome the challenges that you’re facing.

Accomplishing this starts by us implementing a complete lifestyle overhaul designed to therapeutically detox patients in an effective manner which encompasses our aid in helping clients becoming healthy. Our nutritional experts, clinical staff, or addiction specialist works alongside patients to help them establish a healthy routine that you can maintain off-grounds once treatment has commenced.

One benefit that many patients enjoy about attending “Rehab South Florida” is that they’re able to converse and provide and receive support from other like-minded patients who are adapting to their newly formed healthy lifestyle habits. In a way, being with others who are undergoing the same changes creates a support group of sorts that can be relied upon for encouragement and positive reinforcement (two forms of motivation that we strongly support).

This helps our patients to avoid making poor choices and will make the process of reintegrating in to society much easier.

Rehab South Florida – a Nutrition-Based Rehabilitation Center

Most of the patients entering our rehabilitation facility tend to be in a state of malnutrition in which is often times accompanied with physically deterioration. Starting live healthier starts as soon as you enter “Rehab South Florida” and our nutritional fitness plan will address these issues and will promote patients cognitive health.

Patients symptoms will vary case to cases depending on the drugs in which were abused.

Common symptoms that we see patients suffering from include:

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Malnourishment
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Mental health disorders
  • Kidney and liver damage
  • Obesity or emaciation

At “Rehab South Florida”, our robust treatments and result-driven clinical staff work alongside patients to ensure patients are prepared for health and sobriety success and our nutrition program will help clients with the ever-growing problem of addiction. Our mission is to provide whole- healing experience that will result in recovery and long-term sobriety.

A common misconception about addiction recovery that individuals tend to believe is that sobriety can only be achieved through mental treatment. However, being able to achieve and maintain sobriety requires treatment for aspects other than just emotions and thoughts. Physical rejuvenation through individualized meal planning is a factor that plays in to the recovery process and it’s one that doesn’t go unattended here at “Rehab South Florida”.

Mental and physical health correlate with one another and both need to be equally treated during treatment for addiction. Bodily health and restoring nutrients will provide resistance-strength when combatting depression, addiction or any other mental health issues for that regard. Believe it or not, a majority of the body’s serotonin is found in specialized cells located in the gastrointestinal tract, not the brain. Since an astonishing sixty percent of happiness derives from the gut, nutritional health is vitally important and as such improved upon to make the transition to sobriety easier to cope with and manage.

The Role of Nutrition in your Journey to Sobriety

The Role of Nutrition in your Journey to Sobriety

The Role of Nutrition in your Journey to Sobriety

Our nutritional treatment begins to get administered once patients have successfully gone through and completed their medical detox (which is offered on-site). Upon admissions to “Rehab South Florida”, there will be an initial 1-hour interview concluding in an assessment. During this interview, patients will have the opportunity to discuss what their diet has consisted of during their addiction-spree. Furthermore, upon request by the doctor or addiction specialist, patients will be requested to provide any medical history of health problems that they can to help the staff have an understanding of their past and present.

Understanding patient history helps the “Rehab South Florida” staff as a whole to affectively work together to craft together a meal/treatment plan to help patients recover from nutritional deficiencies while also helping clients to transition to a health-driven lifestyle.

At “Rehab South Florida”, we want you to become healthier than ever which is why:

  • We may require that you update a “meal diary” daily so a doctor or health specialist can review your food intake and provide suggestions or recommendations as needed.
  • You’ll be encouraged to attend either daily or weekly nutritional class sessions that will educate you on various meals that you can prepare for yourself.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work with a personal fitness trainer/instructor who will guide you through affective workouts that can even be done at home.

Unfortunately, a large number of the patients that seek the expertise of the “Rehab South Florida” clinical staff have endured intensive abuse of drugs and alcohol and as such are deprived of the many vital nutrients that are body relies upon to function and live. With that said, if were to have a health report card, a majority of patients upon entry would score rather low.

Abuse of drugs or alcohol can result in nutrient deficiencies in calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamins B/D – nutrients that your body desperately needs for survival. As such, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, our nutritional fitness program will help to devise meal plans that are rich in various forms of nutrients so you can begin to revitalize your body’s health and function.

Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Aside from ensuring our patients receive an adequate amount of nutrients – we also want to ensure that a health balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates are implemented in to meals. For example, it’s quite common for us to implement “Omega 3” in to the overall effort of achieving sobriety as “Omega 3” is a fatty acid that’s scientifically proven to stop and prevent the rise of depression, anxiety, and addiction urges or cravings. This is the reason that a majority of the meals planned for our patients include the use of either walnut or flax seeds (or both) as they provide the body what it needs in order to better manage cognitive stress.

Furthermore, we want to be sure that any possible underlying issues that enables our patients addiction is tended to and treated. Many addicts are inflicted with a co-occurring disorder and our on-site doctor will work with the mental health professional, the patient’s physician, or the on-site fitness instructor to help ensure that any possibly present underlying issues are found and dealt with accordingly.

If an underlying cause for addiction is present it must be treated as only treating one aspect of your addiction and not the other could result in a relapse once treatment has completed.

How we use Nutrition to help Prevent our Patients from Encountering a Relapse

Ensuring patients receive the nutrition they need plays a vitally important role in the cause for relapse-prevention. Upon patient dismissal from treatment, it’ll be up to patients to continue their healthy eating regiment and ensuring they’re properly educated and prepared for the journey to sobriety is a top concern of ours.

Regardless of the nature of the addiction, whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, or sex – behavioral or physical related addictions are at an increased risk for developing in to other addictions.

For example, an individual recovering alcohol abuse may in fact quit drinking, but in its place may pick up a new addiction where the users starts to abuse drugs, food or sex. This is what’s known as the self-medicating approach which only accomplishes the replacement of an addiction with another. This is why the diagnosis of underlying conditions is so important as you don’t want to wean off of one addiction just to replace it with another. We’ll instruct patients and prepare them to make use of nutritional health fitness to help ease physical and emotional issues in an all-natural solution.

At “Rehab South Florida” we’re fully-prepared with a motivated and experienced staff that’s ready to help you overcome addiction through a nutritional schedule that will provide you near-instant results. Your health is important for many reasons, reasons stemming past just addiction.

Through nutritional fitness, you’ll not only have a better chance of beating addiction but you’re more likely to maintain sobriety while also helping yourself to become accustomed to eating and living healthy. This is of course will ease cravings, symptoms, and stress overall and will make your sobriety an experience that you won’t feel the need to run away from.

Welcome to the “Rehab South Florida” nutritional fitness overview, we can’t wait to stand by your side to help you achieve the lifestyle that you long for.

We’re here every step of the way!