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Music Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Recovery – Rehab South Florida

Music Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Music Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Recovery

At “Rehab South Florida” we strive to provide our patients with individualized treatment programs that will help them thru the addiction recovery process. Since all patient addiction cases are unique and require individualized treatment plans we’ve put in place a strong, motivated, and highly experienced clinical staff consisting of therapists, doctors, and addiction specialists.

We proudly serve both Florida-based and international patients seeking an effective, evidence-based treatment program that will help them to rid their addiction to drug or alcohol dependency. As a part of this effort, at the “Rehab South Florida” rehabilitation center, patients will be able to partake in an evidence-based therapeutic program that will help them to cognitively overcome symptoms of addiction withdrawals.

According to the American Music Therapy Association, music is an effective intervention option for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol dependency and promotes and encourages the continued practice of maintaining sobriety.

This program that we’re referring to is the “Music Therapy” program which thousands of patients have already participated in to help aid them in their journey to sobriety. Similar to that of the “art therapy” program that our facility offers, music therapy will help patients to accomplish personal goals within a therapeutic environment which will be hosted by a credentialed and experienced professional that has undergone extensive training from an approved music therapy program.



Music therapy is proven therapeutic practice that’s utilized to help address emotional, cognitive, physical , and social needs of patients and is used to help accomplish the long-term recovery goal – sobriety! After our patients undergo our music therapy program, the strengths of each client will be determined and assessed and this will involve our clinical staff staying in touch with your music therapist.

Through the involvement of music, patients at “Rehab South Florida” will participate in creating, singing, and/or listening to music created by other patients with whom you’ll be attending the therapy with. One astounding fact about implement music therapy in to one’s overall addiction treatment is that the participating patients will be able to use their developed skills in music therapy to apply them to other areas of their lives.

Music therapy strongly promotes patients to be creative, productive, and imaginative and being a part of such a program can and will provide our patients with newly-found self-esteem, motivation, and self-worth (feelings that are often times not found in the lives bound by the ball and chain of addiction).

By participating in music therapy, you’ll be able to reestablish confidence and will perhaps come across unforeseen talent that you can use even once your recovery has commenced.

Some of the many benefits that our patients receive from music therapy at “Rehab South Florida” include:

  • Increases the overall physical rehabilitation and will get patients to be active
  • Increases motivation levels and will inspire patients to want to be more active in the group
  • Helps to provide emotional healing and internal solace
  • Being able to have an alternative outlet of expressions for internal emotions and feelings

How can music therapy help with overcoming my addiction?

Music Therapy help with overcoming my addiction

Music Therapy help with overcoming my addiction

When it comes to addiction, every case is unique and at the “Rehab South Florida” addiction recovery center we strive to provide our patients with top-notch care that will provide them with the absolute best chance of recovering from substance or chemical dependency. When suffering from the constraints of addiction whether it be drugs or alcohol you want to ensure that all recovery options are available and at our all-inclusive rehabilitation center you’ll receive just that.

Music therapy is proven to be one of the most effective and enjoyable approaches to getting addiction under control during your stay at rehab. Other than just providing you relief from cognitive thoughts that could inhibit the effectives of the provided treatment, music therapy can, and will, contribute to your well-being, health, and self-esteem.

Fostering your creativity can afford you the opportunity of accomplishing great things, accomplishments that can stem past just you recovery from addiction.

With our music therapy program, patients will enjoy the many benefits that derive from music. Whether it’s thru the use of a piano, drum set, guitar, singing, listening to music, or authoring songs; music therapy will provide you with relief that can ease the process of withdrawals.

Furthermore, music therapy involvement promotes the use and development of your creativity which plays an important role in your recovery process. Creativity is your friend and a close ally (supporter) of your sobriety and understanding your creative side will help you not only during treatment but in society as well.

Clinical studies have shown that music therapy permits some patients to express inner emotions that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible with other forms of treatment. Furthermore, as stated by the American Music Therapy Association, patients suffering from drug or alcohol abuse that long for sobriety don’t need to have any background experience in music or its counterparts to reap the benefits that music can provide during the process of becoming sober.

Medical professionals over the years have concluded that music therapy can provide numerous benefits to SUD patients. For example, when patients partake in songwriting or writing lyrics analysis has shown that this results in positive emotional changes in patients. When it comes to the musical act of “drumming”, patients will experience increased levels of relaxation which is useful specifically for patients that have experienced relapses in the past.

Movement or dancing to music is medically proven to decrease not only anxiety but anger and stress as well and data has determined that one of these musical activities are all equally beneficial to the patient undergoing the therapy. Finally, patient participation in music therapy has also been medically proven to increase ones willingness to receive treatments.

With so many benefits correlated to patients participating in music therapy sessions, it’s becoming a more widely accepted form of treatment and is increasingly growing in popularity throughout the US.

What does music therapy contribute to addiction recovery?

Rehab South Florida

Rehab South Florida

At “Rehab South Florida” we believe in providing treatment that is holistic. What this means is that we render therapeutic treatments that addresses not only the addiction itself but biological, psychological, and social factors that may be contributing to your addiction. Music therapy is commonly provided as a treatment option in addition to other forms of traditional treatments such as counseling from an addiction specialist (just one of many examples).

By implementing music therapy in to our patient’s recovery agenda, patients will experience and enjoy a vast range of benefits that will contribute to their overall health and recovery success. Some of the many benefits patients can expect from being involved in music therapy include:

Increases Patient’s ability to decipher different emotions

Healing Sounds

Healing Sounds

When dependent on drugs or alcohol, or the process in which you use them, it’s typical for users to build up emotions such as rationalization, minimizing, lying, or denial in order to continue their behavior to hide from their emotions. The beautiful nature of music therapy contrasts these flawed ways of processing thoughts and can help individuals suffering from addiction to break through their rigid thought patterns.

Music also has an incredibly powerful influence on the emotional states of addicts and will provide indirect access to various emotions. Music therapy, especially the process of listening to and discussing music and its purpose, can help patients to safely explore and understand their emotions to identify a vaster range of emotional and cognitive states. Understanding your emotions indirectly through music therapy can provide a much more comfortable starting point for speaking about and accepting your feelings with the instructor or addiction specialist.

Helps Patients to increase their self-expression/awareness

Self-expression often times follows self-awareness and both are essential for achieving long-term recovery and sobriety. Creating music, curating songs, or making the choice to explore different songs and genres will aid patients to feel comfortable with expressing emotions. Music can greatly flow-over as a treatment mechanism post your recovery as you can use it as a crutch to escape the thoughts of wanting to use drugs or alcohol.

Having an alternative form of self-expression will result in the development of personal self-awareness and understanding of oneself. This can cause patients to have a better understanding of how the disease of addiction and chemical dependency has impacted their lives, and the choices they have available in accepting responsibility for their own recovery and rehabilitation success.

Immensely increases self-esteem levels

Unfortunately, having low self-esteem is something that many addicts suffer from even after they’ve accomplished sobriety. Knowing that there are ways to increase feelings of self-worth will enable ones self-control to help prevent the chance of a relapse. There are an abundance of ways that music therapy can accomplish this. One of which is by giving patients an outlet to be able to create something they feel great about. Music can also cause patients to have the sense of “connectedness” with others which is important as we always recommend that you create a support group for after recovery.

At “Rehab South Florida”, during your music therapy sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to comingle with other patients with whom you’re encouraged to foster relationships with. These patients are enduring treatment for the same issues in which you’re tackling and creating a support group that you can rely on after recovery with your peers is a great tactic to preventing a relapse.

Helps patients to feel relaxed with reduced stress

Needless to say, stress can be a recovering addict’s worst nightmare. Having a lack of stress management or ability to cope with stress is one of the main causes of relapse. When those wanting to lead a sober lifestyle turn to music for meditation, it can immensely aid in the calming of nerves, but the trick is finding music that will be effective to you. During your stay at our facility, you’ll not only learn about music as a whole but you’ll be able to learn about many unique forms of music and how each of them can be used for stress-management. Singing, learning, or writing music can end up becoming one of your favorite hobbies and can provide a creative outlet that you can take advantage of to manage stress or emotions derived from drug/alcohol dependency.

Relapse prevention should be at the top of your list of what you want to accomplish and music will certainly provide with you an effective solution to accomplishing just this.

Detox South Florida – Effective Music Therapy Overcome Addiction

Detox South Florida

Detox South Florida

Music therapy, when combined with other forms of counseling and psychotherapy can immensely help in the cause of drug and alcohol dependent individuals with identifying their reasons for why they turned to the substance(s) in which they’re abusing. Embedding yourself in the fabric of musical healing will help you to regain mental, emotional, and physical acuity and our highly trained and motivated staff will help to ensure that you succeed your addiction, regardless of the severity.

Thru our holistic, individualized, and result-driven treatment approaches – patients can expect to receive only the best care possible in a comfortable, safe, and peaceful living environment.

Our music therapy will help to relieve anxiety and tension while promoting your relaxation to make recovery as painless as possible. Pain reduction, stress management, and symptom withdrawal treatments are all provided at “Rehab South Florida” thru the use of both therapeutic programs (such as the music program discussed in this write-up) and proven-to-work medications (as needed).

At “Detox South Florida”, creating music with the help of our experienced and credentialed music therapists will provide patients with a multitude of therapeutic benefits that will result in an easy-to-overcome addiction and we look forward to playing a role in your path to recovery!