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Art Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Recovery – Rehab South Florida

Rehab South Florida

Rehab South Florida

Welcome to our “Art Therapy” treatment overview where you’ll learn about the therapy we provide related to art and how it can assist with the recovery of our patients.

Art therapy is considered to be an “expressive” form of therapy that allows patients to utilize their creative abilities to create art. Art therapy is an effective treatment form used to improve one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being and will help to aid in successful recovery from alcohol and drug dependency.

Our patients at “Rehab South Florida” will have the option of participating in our art therapy program that focuses on proving patients mental stress relief thru creative activities in a fun, safe, and solace environment. At “Rehab South Florida”, our mission is to provide patients with a multitude of various therapeutic programs to ease the symptoms of drug/alcohol recovery and art therapy is one of the programs we offer that helps to accomplish just this.

Art therapy

Art therapy

When it comes to art therapy, there’s a creative process that’s asserted from each of our attendees and this process is known to help ease mental symptoms initiated from the withdrawals of drugs or alcohol. Participating in this form of therapy will not only allow you to express yourself artistically but will also help to reduce stress while also improving your self-esteem and awareness (factors that greatly contribute to a successful recovery endeavor).

What’s beautiful about art therapy, aside from the artistic work that our patients create, is that benefits can be provided even to the patients that don’t possess artistic abilities. At our “Rehab South Florida” treatment facility, patients will work alongside, and, under the supervision/instruction of therapeutic professionals. Our therapeutic staff that will work with you will help to decipher the underlying message that’s portrayed in your artwork which will help to aid the process of mental healing.

Art therapy can provide different benefits to different patients and will vary based on the individualized recovery needs for each patient. Art therapy is a commonly practiced therapeutic option used for healing, addiction treatment, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation. Furthermore, many patients have mentioned that art therapy has provided them with a deeper understanding of themselves and their personalities which are important components to alleviating withdrawal symptoms and staying sober, post-treatment.

Benefits of Art Therapy – Understanding your Personality, Addiction, and Recovery Needs

Benefits of Art Therapy

Benefits of Art Therapy

A majority of the individuals that are unsure about attending rehab for drug or alcohol treatment feel this way because of their fear of how treatment will be rendered. At “Rehab South Florida” we provide individualized treatment solutions that are uniquely curated for each of our patients. We understand that addiction can be difficult to overcome and we work diligently to ensure that you recovery is one in which you succeed at.

At “Rehab South Florida”, we provide alternative therapeutic programs to help tackle the components of addiction that needs to be overcome to accomplish sobriety. Art therapy is a highly effective therapeutic treatment option that will ease mental stress, illness, and addiction and below we’ve outlined 7 benefits to attending out art therapy program.

As defined by the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), art therapy is the process in which individuals undergo therapy within a professional environment under the instruction of a counselor who has previous experience in dealing, coping, and overcoming addiction.

At our cutting-edge facility, our trained, understanding, and experienced staff has the experience needed to host effective art therapy programs that truly will benefit your initiative to overcome drug or chemical dependency.

#1 – Visual Communication

During your initial days of rehab you may have a feeling of being uncomfortable as you’ll be out of your comfort zone. However, as time passes and as you become more involved in our therapeutic programs you’ll quickly become acclimated in our sober-living environment. Our art therapy classes will provide patients with an alternative form of communication with our staff which in reality gives you a second voice, another way to express your feelings.

If you tend to have difficult with communicating effectively, our art therapy sessions will afford you the opportunity of being able to communicate with our staff in a very unique way. Our instructors, upon completion of your art work, will sit down with you to understand the message of your work so your artistic voice can be understood.

#2 Breakthrough Personal Barriers

Embracing your visual communication opportunity is important not only for your rehabilitation but for the instructors as well as it permits them to understand your message which they’ll use as a part of your treatment. Visual communication has been medically proven to help individuals to work thru difficult situation. A patient that shows progress in at therapy commonly starts to rediscover their self-worth in addition to building trust and understanding between them and the therapist(s). Both of these results derived from art therapy are crucially important for your ongoing addiction recovery and care.

#3 Understanding your personality and past

Drug and alcohol addiction has the tendency to cause a distorted reality that inhibits one’s ability to create a plan of action, or, a plan of recovery rather. This distortion can cause one to have a misunderstanding of their environment, circumstances, and even themselves as a person. Thru the use of art therapy program, each of our patients will have the opportunity to self-reflect on their life choices, decisions, and addiction.

Art therapy, scientifically, effects the neurological though process and involving yourself in artistic expression can contribute to your mental health which will lead to a speedier recovery from drug and alcohol dependence.

#4 Reinstill the sense of Self-Confidence

One component addiction that individuals suffering from drug/alcohol addiction aren’t cognitive of is self-esteem. Victims of drug dependency often times don’t think highly of themselves and typically think of themselves as rejects. Creative activities in our art therapy program will help to instill a tremendous amount of self-confidence back in to your life as you’ll take on projects that you’ll see thru to completion and will be motivated from our staff throughout the therapy.

Furthermore, drawing, coloring, painting and a variety of other offerings we provide in art therapy will bring back the inner child that so many of us possess which will cause a decrease in stress and an increase in self-confidence, self-esteem, and satisfaction.

#5 Emotional Healing

One of the many activities in our art therapy program is the practice of making affirmation cards. This is the process in which our instructor(s) will work with patients to create daily motivational cards from blank pieces of paper/index cards which you’ll use as a reference during each day of your stay.

For example, you may design an affirmation card that states “I am healthy” or “I will overcome addition” and these you’ll read daily to motivate yourself throughout treatment. This form of artistic therapy is better known as “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”, or, CBT.

The practice of integrating “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” techniques with art therapy produces incredible results as through creating such affirmation cards; patients will begin to undergo a mental adjustment that rids negative emotions which are replaced with ones that are positive.

#6 Self-Discovery

A positive, life-changing experience can no certainly change the life path of an individual. For example, an individual who lost weight may end up becoming an activist for weight loss programs/campaigns. When it comes to art therapy, patients have the opportunity to unlock unforeseen talents and will gain insightful information on how art therapy works.

Gaining such experience with art therapy may perhaps one day motivate you to provide sobriety support for addiction-inflicted patients. When you experience change in your own life you may want to extend the help you’ve had to others in the same situation. Helping others overcome addiction provides self-satisfaction that you won’t receive from anything else.

Being able to impact one’s life is an incredible opportunity and by attending our art therapy program you may find yourself longing for the chance to make the impact on someone else’s life that you received for yours.

#7 Relapse Prevention

At “Rehab South Florida” relapse-prevention is a top priority of ours and we work diligently to ensure you maintain sobriety post-treatment. After your treatment, we’d be lying if we said that there won’t be social triggers or situations that will encourage or give you the thought of getting your hands on the substance in which you use to be addicted to.

Art therapy does more than just get you off of addiction but helps as tool to maintain sobriety. Once your treatment with us is completed and you’re back in society, you can use art therapy at home to ease mental thoughts about drugs/alcohol.

Rehab South Florida Staff & Support

Treatment and recovery are the top two concerns of the medical support staff here at the “Rehab South Florida” rehabilitation center. We have on-site addiction specialists, caretakers, doctors, and support staff to help make recovery as painless as possible.

Art therapy is known for helping adolescents, adults, and addicts with improving self-esteem, emotions, improving self-esteem, relieving stress, and managing addiction. Anxiety and depression are two factors that inhibit the mental being of addiction-inflicted patients and art therapy will help patients to cope with the side effects of recovery and withdrawals.

We look forward to having the opportunity to aiding you in your venture to living a sober lifestyle!