Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab
Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the US with 17.6 million people (or 1 in every 12 adults) in the US suffering from dependency to alcohol. There are also millions of other people that regularly participate in binge drinking or other dangerous consumption patterns which could also lead to alcohol dependency. Dependency on alcohol ruins lives makes it difficult to maintain meaningful relationships, and in some cases makes it impossible for those that are dependent to maintain employment.

Welcome to Rehab South Florida, located in beautiful sunny South Florida, we’re a recovery facility that helps those suffering from the constraints of alcohol dependency to overcome addiction so they can lead a life of sobriety. We understand the complexities surrounding alcohol abuse and through our many years of treatment, experience has helped thousands of patients to overcome their dependency to alcohol.

If you or a loved one needs a compassionate based recovery approach for overcoming alcohol dependency, please contact us at 561-933-5522 for admission and program inquiries.

Alcohol abuse can directly affect many aspects of a person’s life and can lead to serious health complications over time. Abuse of alcohol can also impact finances, relationships, and those surrounded by the substance abuser.

Thanks for visiting us here today at Rehab South Florida, the fact that you’re here signifies your commitment to becoming sober and we look forward to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to begin taking the first step towards receiving the treatment(s) you need.

If you, a friend or family member is suffering from alcohol abuse and want to learn more about admissions and what treatment programs we provide, please call 561-933-5522.


Recovery Treatment for Alcohol Dependency

Rehab South Florida is a highly qualified recovery facility with an experienced and credentialed staff that helps patients suffering from alcohol dependency to recovery by addressing and treating any possible underlying or co-occurring disorders that may be causing the problem. Because of alcohol’s popularity in today’s culture, those that are faced with alcoholism are always faced and bombarded with triggers that can initiate the desire for wanting to “drink”. Here at our facility, we not only treat the addiction itself but also identify underlying problems and will help patients to find ways to effectively manage cravings and triggers.

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The first step to recovering from alcohol begins with medical detox where the toxins that are left over in the body from the alcohol will be removed. Known as “alcohol detox”, detoxification is what helps patients to overcome their addiction. During this time, patients may experience minor to severe withdrawal symptoms which is why our on-site clinical staff stands by to tend to such symptoms.

Medical alcohol therapy will help to prevent discomfort and complication during treatments and will make the process overall more bearable for patients.

Withdrawal & Symptom Management – Rehab South Florida

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol dependency can ruin a person’s life although many will continue to use the substance as a mechanism to avoiding withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detoxification and withdrawals are known in the addiction community as being experiences that can provide physical and psychological discomfort. If detoxification is done at home unsupervised and without medical attention, withdrawals can become fatal. Due to the dangers involved with managing with withdrawals it’s highly advised that you seek treatment from a recovery facility where medical attention can be provided and administered.

Since Rehab South Florida administers medicated treatments in conjunction with evidence-based therapies, many individuals who are longing for sobriety choose to attend our facility for the simple fact that we effectively manage withdrawals and symptoms. This makes the recovery process easier for patients much easier to cope with since the side effects of rehabilitation are kept to a minimum.

Withdrawals from alcohol abuse can vary from being minor to severe and will depend on the length of use and abuse. Symptoms can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depressions
  • Delirium tremens (also known as DRs) which is a life-threatening condition where you may feel confused or on the verge of committing suicide
  • Insomnia where sleepless nights occur
  • Hallucinations where you may hear or see things that are not there
  • Shakiness, most common in the hands
  • Unusual drops or spikes in your blood pressure or heart rate

These are symptoms that are certainly not pleasant to experience and Rehab South Florida has extensive experience in managing such symptoms. At home, where medical attention isn’t available, it’s

Does Alcohol Treatment Work
Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

quite difficult to overcome alcohol use as such withdrawals are many times unmanageable without clinical intervention.

Cleansing of the body is what alcohol detoxification will provide to patients and is the first step towards getting your life back on track. We’ll be discussing detox in more detail below and will go over the various treatment programs that we make available to patients so you can begin to familiarize yourself with what to expect on your journey to recovery at Rehab South Florida.

Rehab South Florida is committed to patient care and treats alcohol abuse disorders in a compassionate, understanding, and holistic approach. Comprised of therapists, addiction specialists, doctors, and care takers that ensures the comfort and well-being of patients; Rehab South Florida continues to set the standard in addiction recovery care and continues to help thousands of patients per year in overcoming the battle of addiction.

Freedom from Alcohol Addiction

Patients at our facility can rest assured that they’re in good hands as we:

  • Not only treat the substance abuse disorder itself but will also identify and treat co-occurring mental and physical health disorders
  • Always strive to render top-notch care through employing evidence-based therapeutic approaches
  • Make available to patients medication assistance options, cognitive-based healing treatments, and therapeutic learning sessions
  • Curate individualized treatment plans based on the recovery needs of the patient
  • Accept multiple insurance coverage providers to make treatments more accessible and easier to access for those facing economic hardship
  • Offer a diverse treatment environment with a safe, solace, and comfortable residential setting
  • Have a dedicated and experienced staff that understands the complexities of alcohol dependency that will help patients during recovery to maintain comfort
  • Offer confidential recovery treatments where the details surrounding your addiction and recovery will never be shared outside of our clinical team
  • Provide a comprehensive treatment solution including medical detox at Detox of South Florida, residential treatment, and post-treatment relapse prevention care

Is your friend or family member dependent on alcohol?

Rehab Drinking ProblemThere’s nothing worse than seeing someone we care about suffering from an addiction that’s debilitating their life, productivity, and relationships. The people we care most about are reliant upon the intervention and help from those around them to help encourage them to seek intervention. Aiding a friend or family member through an alcohol addiction is no simple task and can be difficult to cope with. While receiving treatment is certainly “their” responsibility and decision there are multiple ways that you can begin to influence their desire to attend a rehabilitation center for their addiction.

Make a Positive Impact – Discourage the Addiction, Don’t Enable it

Drinking After Rehab
Discourage Alcohol

Encouraging positive changes and being there for emotional support will mean a lot to the person you want to help and can help them come to the realization that they need help. Keep in mind that some efforts may be helpful to the abuser there are actions that could enable continued substance abuse.

Many times, friends and family members will be unaware of someone’s dependency to alcohol and unknowingly may aid the individual by completing tasks for them. While it certainly isn’t uncommon for family members or relationship partners to assist one another during times of need or illness, assisting someone that’s suffering from alcohol dependency can be taken to the extremes and may result in you facilitating the completion of responsibilities on behalf of the individual.

This kind of behavior and role taking can extend far beyond just cleaning the users home or helping to walk the animals. In some cases, you may find yourself helping the dependent by fulfilling financial obligations or helping with legal issues. Making excuses or deterring the responsibilities of the user to you typically enables continued use of the substance.

What is Alcohol Rehab

If you have found yourself to be making excuses for the user, are prioritizing their needs over yours or are bailing them out of jail, you may want to step back and contact our facility for guidance.

How can I get my friend or loved one the help they need?

Rather than enabling the victim of alcohol dependency, practice habits that will only encourage them to receive the treatments they need to finally put an end to the problem.

There are multiple ways to handle the addiction of someone near to you including:

  • Support Groups – Making the choice to attend groups that are in place for family member or friends of someone that’s suffering from an addiction will provide a safe and understanding medium for personal healing. Groups such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are great groups for those that are dealing with an addiction-inflicted individual.
  • Do not conceal evidence – Rather than cleaning up after the individual that’s suffering from addiction, leave results of their actions alone and do no conceal the damage they caused. Doing so will not help them realize what their actions are causing when under the influence.
  • Relieve yourself of Financial Aid – Many of the people that are suffering from alcoholism heavily rely upon the aid and assistance of friends and family members. Because the addiction has cause them to become unemployed and economically unstable, many are unable to provide self-care and support and will become dependent on those around them for financial support. Rather than enabling their addiction, encourage their independence, refuse to provide financial aid, and contact our facility today at 561-933-5522 to begin getting them the help they need.
  • Reduce One-on-One time – When dealing with someone that’s dependent on alcohol, albeit a friend or a family member, it’s suggested that you limit the amount of one-on-one interaction time that you spend with them to avoid pressure for help and manipulation. Time spent with the person you’re concerned about is best done in groups.
  • Express your concerns and expectations – Speak very openly and clear your mind of what you want to say to your friend or loved one. Encourage positive behaviors and set boundaries and guidelines for your relationship (such as not providing financial help).
  • Seek Clinical Assistance – Sometimes the best attempts aren’t effective and the only solution to helping your friend or loved one overcome addiction is to see the intervention of an experienced treatment facility that has an immense amount of experience in dealing with such addictions. Getting help from a Florida alcohol rehab center such as Rehab South Florida can provide the individual with a safe, secure, and constructive environment to combat the addiction.

Alcohol Detox

Best Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism treatment program enhances the natural bodily process of toxin removal. Any time that a person consumes alcohol, naturally, the body automatically begins to detoxify itself which is done by the liver metabolizing the alcohol so that it can be removed from your system. However, in the cases where the individual consumes alcohol frequently, detoxification never fully takes place since alcohol is continually being put in to their system (making withdrawals worse). When someone has made the choice to become sober the first step is to stop consumption so that the body can begin to detoxify.

However, many patients that we treat were unable to detox their body by themselves which makes continued abuse of alcohol occur since withdrawals, alone, are difficult to manage. Many return to drinking to help ease the symptoms which start the process over, effectively making matters worse.

Freedom from Alcohol Addiction

There are two different ways to detox, either by cold turkey or by slowly diminishing the amount of consumed alcohol (known as “tapering”). Many of those who choose to detox at home result to the “cold turkey” approach although this can be dangerous since the withdrawal symptoms through this approach are typically more severe. Throughout the process of self-detox, most will encounter a relapse which puts them in more danger of experiencing alcohol poisoning.

Alcoholism Treatment Program
Alcoholism Treatment Program

Receiving professional medical detox at Detox of South Florida in conjunction with Rehab South Florida is not only the safest way to become sober but also the most effective. Here at our treatment center, patients are provided 24/7 care and withdrawal management to ensure pain and unwanted symptoms during treatment are infrequent.

When it comes to detox there are two primary risks including delirium tremens and dehydration (two withdrawal effects that we closely monitor). Dehydration can actually lead to seizures which can be fatal if occurring at home (where medical supervision isn’t available). Delirium tremens are another possible medical complication that can result in cardiac arrhythmia and respiratory failure which can also be fatal. At Detox of South Florida in conjunction with Rehab South Florida patients will receive the treatments and monitoring needed to help avoid such complications.

Detoxification, then Rehabilitation

Once you’ve completed the detoxification process you will finally be ready to graduate to the rehabilitation program. Rehab South Florida hosts a variety of different treatment options including both an outpatient and inpatient rehab treatment. Alcohol therapy is a proven-to-work treatment approach as it addresses not only the physical issues tied to the addiction but the underlying psychological issues as well.

When you’re looking for a recovery center to treat alcoholism, whether for yourself or someone else, you want to weight out your options as not all rehabilitation centers provide equally effective treatments and recovery plans. Rehab South Florida stands out from other Florida alcohol rehab centers as your recovery is one that we assert our efforts to for the short and long-term.

Alcohol Rehab

We don’t believe that patients should attend treatments, graduate, and no longer be supported. From beginning to end, we’re here for each patient which means even after recovery has completed, patients will have post-treatment programs available to them such as weekly support group sessions at our facility, 12-step meetings or 1-on-1 discussions with a life coach.

Why are Alcohol Recovery Treatments at Rehab South Florida so Successful?

Alcohol Therapy
Alcohol Therapy

Our patients are able to achieve success and overcome alcohol dependency for a multitude of reasons.

To start, our clinical team and addiction specialists realize that patients come to us for treatment with varying degrees of recovery commitments and addiction severities. Some patient have a strong desire to achieve sobriety while some are still a bit apprehensive about making the lifestyle changes necessary for achieving long-term recovery. In either case, Rehab South Florida is more than prepared and properly equipped to guide patients down the right path.

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Because all patient addictions are unique, we customize treatment plans and adjust them accordingly based on the needs of each patient. We continually monitor and assess patient progress and medical needs and will make adjustments to treatments, services, and levels of care as seen fit. Patients are always motivated and encouraged by staff and a regimented treatment program helps our staff to ensure patients achieve personal and clinical milestones.

Also, Rehab South Florida provides patients with “only” evidence-based treatments. What this means for our patients is that only treatments that have been proven to work by either science or proof are the only treatment models that they’ll be offered. This includes us introducing each patient to the Twelve Steps (which we’ll discuss later) and other principles and practices that will help patients to form new and healthy habits.

What therapies, clinical practices, and specialized services does Rehab South Florida provide for alcohol recovery?

The alcohol rehabilitation treatment specialists at Rehab South Florida have experience in the following evidence-based therapies, clinical practices, and approaches:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy –

also known as “DBT”, this form of therapy is a treatment approach that emphasizes the balancing of problem-solving, behavioral change, mindfulness, self-acceptance, and emotions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy –

often times referred to as “CBT”, cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment that helps patients to identify behaviors that can lead to self-destructive action. Our therapists work with patients to help them form new thought patterns to avoid thoughts that can lead to adversary actions. Through the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program, patients will learn how to adjust their thinking patterns to cope with withdrawals and sobriety.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy –

also known as “ACT”, Acceptance Behavioral Therapy is the practice of using mindfulness and behavioral activation to improve psychological flexibility. This program will educate patients on how to improve their outlook, attitude, and behavior during times of difficult emotions or thoughts.

Motivational Enhancement and Interviewing –

this is a treatment program that will help patients to learn “what’s in it for them” as far as staying sober, striding through difficult circumstances, or developing skills that will help them to accomplish their ambitions. Such a program is very impactful in helping patients to realize the benefits of overcoming alcohol dependency and will help patients to see and understand the many benefits that come along with becoming sober.

Medication-Assisted Therapies for Alcohol Withdrawal Management

Medications are often times most used to treat substance related disorders as medicine will help to ease withdrawal symptoms while reducing cravings. Rehab South Florida’s Medication-Assisted Therapies for alcohol dependence is one that’s supported and backed by scientific research and is even recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

The use of medicine will help patients to stride through time of depression, anxiety, and pain in a way that doesn’t involve the use of alcohol.

Best Florida Alcohol Rehab Center – What YOU NEED TO KNOW

Alcohol Rehab
Call – 561-933-5522

Alcoholism has effected and continues to affect many lives. Back in 2009, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, it was estimated that 6.8% of Americans had consumed 5+ drinks on 5 different occasions within just the past month prior to taking a survey. Results of more recent studies have speculated that this number may be on the rise as our culture embraces alcohol acceptance more than ever before. According to one survey by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, one in every 6 American is challenged with alcohol dependency (varying from minor to severe cases).

If you have come to a point in your life where you’ve realized enough is enough and you want to finally get your dependency to alcohol under control than you’ve made the right choice. You’ve also come to the right place as Rehab South Florida has treated thousands of patients since it’s in inception in South Florida where patients from all around the country receive effective and individualized treatment programs – programs that are carefully and strategically planned around the specific recovery needs of the patient.

We pride ourselves as a compassionate based Florida Alcohol Rehabilitation center and many patients refer to us as the “life-changing recovery center that they were always looking for”. Not all alcohol recovery centers are the same; some host clinical staffs that are less experienced than those at other facilities while some specialize in providing treatments for certain addictions.

At Rehab South Florida, we understand that patients may be experiencing addictions that encompass a multitude of issues; issues that may be underlying causes of dependency. Because of this, we hone our recovery treatments in on not only the addiction itself but also on mental illnesses and emotional distress (anxiety & stress management).

Alcoholism Treatment Program

If you’ve developed a problem with drinking, understanding and weighing out your options is vital to your recovery. We provide each patient with the unique attention and dedicated support that they need to reclaim their life. We provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for alcohol recovery.

Individuals that are not addicted to alcohol but have a problem with drinking are often times referred to our Outpatient treatment program.

Most of those participating in the Outpatient rehabilitation program are social drinkers who have a tendency to drink more than they should and have difficult with stopping. This is typically an emotional based attachment to the alcohol.

Physically dependent alcohol addictions are best treated through our Inpatient treatment program.

Those who are actually alcoholics, those who are physically addicted to the alcohol, will typically be recommended for our inpatient treatment program. For those that are physically dependent to the substance, after a short while of no alcohol being in the system, cravings, withdrawals, and urges can be quite intense. Because of the increased medical risks tied to physical dependence to alcohol, an inpatient treatment program is ideal as immediate and around-the-clock medical attention can be provided, as needed.

What to know about Florida Alcohol Rehab – An Overview of the Basics

Rehab South Florida focuses on patient care and privacy and this starts with our confidential treatment agreement assuring that your information and details surrounding your addiction and treatments will never be shared with anyone outside of our staff, ever. You will never need to concern yourself about whether or not others will find out about your treatments.

Patients during alcoholism treatment program will typically be housed with a roommate as it helps patients to avoid the feeling of isolation while helping to encourage positive behavior. Typically, treatments will occur for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days. Since 30 days is the minimum amount of time needed in treatment in order for it to be affective, 30 days is the smallest duration treatment program that’s available in our alcohol rehab program.

Alcohol Rehab South Florida

Longer stays will be recommended for alcohol dependency cases that are more severe although is available and recommended to anyone that’s wanting to receive all of the benefits that our recovery program has to offer. For the patients that are determined to achieve long-term recovery, a 60 or 90-day program is best as our facility is free from alcohol making it less likely that the temptation to drink would occur. Longer stays also permits us to provide more in-depth treatments for mental and behavioral issues that alcoholism may have caused.

Admissions Process in to Alcohol Rehab

Rehab Treatment
Rehab Treatment

During your arrival to Rehab South Florida, during the admissions to one of our programs, you will undergo both a medical and psychological evaluation where a series of questions will be asked by the therapist or admissions counselor. Truthfulness about your prior medical history, drinking habits, and addiction are vital to the success of your recovery. The data that our clinical team derives from your medical evaluation is used to curate a unique treatment program that is designed for your particular recovery needs and habits.

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Once your evaluation has been completed and you’re a patient at our facility you will first be admitted to our alcohol detox program. The purpose of alcohol detox is to remove the alcohol toxins in your body that are not yet processed while improving your overall health through nutritious meal planning. Patients are provided medications, meals containing nutrition, and ample time for rest for a smooth and relaxed withdrawal experience.

Once patients have completed the detox program they will begin to attend sessions with a therapist. Sessions that are group based will also be available to patients and is a very effective treatment option for alcoholism. Group therapy affords patients the opportunity to be open about their addiction in a non-judgmental environment as they’re surrounded by those that are facing the same struggles.

Get the help you need - Avoid the Risks of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Alcohol Rehabilitation

At Rehab South Florida patients will be able to reach their full recovery potential and long-term sobriety by taking part in evidence-based programs that have worked for the thousands of patients that have come to our facility. Abuse of alcohol can lead to multiple health complications and unless the addiction is treated and properly monitored the likelihood of complications arising increase.

Long-term abuse of the substance can take a very serious toll on someone’s health as when consumed; it’s absorbed in to the user’s blood stream where it’s capable of affecting the entire bodily system as a whole. Primarily, alcohol has an impact on both the brain and liver and heavy drinking or long-term alcohol abuse over time will tremendously impact these two areas.

There are consequences of excessive alcohol drinking that can actually last for an extended period of time, even long after the first time of intoxication.

Some of the short-term side effects that could arise from alcohol abuse include:

  • Difficulty with breathing
  • Blackouts
  • Memory Loss
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Impaired judgment

Those that have been abusing alcohol for a long period of time are susceptible to more serious and irreversible health complication; complications that could potentially decrease the abusers life span.

Some of the most common side effects of long-term alcohol abuse include:

  • Brain damage
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Chronic Pancreatitis (a swollen pancreas)
  • Depressive mood disorder
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Neurological Impairment
  • Hand Tremors

Alcohol abuse can cause immense damage to the brain in multiple ways; one of the most common adversary results of alcohol-induced brain damage is known as Korsakoff’s syndrome. Individuals that end up developing this syndrome are many times unable to remember recent events (such as what they had for dinner) and are usually unable to learn or retain recently taught information.

One of the many reasons that patients should seek a Florida Alcohol Rehab center is because prolonged abuse of alcohol can directly lead to medical complication developments that may not be treatable. Sometimes, irreversible damage can be caused, leaving the abuser with limited options for treatment. Even just have one to two drinks per day increases the risks of developing stomach or bowel cancer in addition to stomach ulcers.

Regularly consuming alcohol also has many ties to fertility complications for not only women but men as well. Excessive drinking in many cases will reduce the levels of testosterone in men and can affect the menstruation pattern for women.

Furthermore research has proven that those who start drinking alcohol in their teens are up to five times more likely to develop a dependency to alcohol compared to those who start drinking at the legal age of 21. Studies have also shown that those in their teens that abuse alcohol are much more likely to develop brain development issues.

12-Step Program in Alcohol Rehab

The 12-Step program continues to remain as one of the most commonly used and recommended treatment modalities for alcohol addiction cases of varying degrees of severity. The 12-step model is one that we offer at our facility as it allows patients to support and help one another to achieve abstinence to the addiction and behaviors that they’ve become accustomed to.

Rehab Process
Rehab Process

Patients achieve this through group meetings with peers where they’ll have the opportunity to share their prior experiences among each other and will help to support each other as a part of a united effort to maintain abstinence.

Through research results it has been learned that abstinence practices (which are supported and encouraged by the 12-step program) can caused patients to flourish as the program promotes mental health and long-term recovery. Based on a study conducted by “Addiction Research and Theory”, those who following the teachings of the 12-step model and abstain from substance use altogether have improved mental health outcome scenarios compared to those who don’t participate in the program.

Rehab South Florida’s 12-step program will provide patients with the framework they need during their alcoholism treatment program be able to surrender their addiction, cope with the process, and form new habit patterns. Our highly experienced clinical staff ensures that patients have all of the necessary tools and education needed to succeed addiction in a relaxed and comfortable approach and the 12-step treatment model has made recovery easier and possible for many patients.

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According to an article that was published by “Psych Central” titled “Recovery Using the 12 Steps”, patients who participate in a 12-step program at a Florida Alcohol Rehab center will be better able to build both emotional and mental transformative practices some of which including:

  • Patients will be able to both recognize and admit to their addiction.
  • Patients will have the ability to surrender to the fact that their addiction exists and will be inclined to gain control of the dependency.
  • Self-observation and awareness of the behaviors that were part of and arose from the addiction, as well as those that help promote self-restraint
  • A chance to practice that restraint and build self-esteem in one’s positive capabilities
  • Achievement of self-acceptance and the ability to change behaviors
  • Compassion, both for those who have been affected by the addiction and for others who similarly struggle with addiction
  • Tools that make the process a continual practice throughout the individual’s life
  • Self-observation and awareness of the behaviors that were part of and arose from the addiction, as well as those that help promote self-restraint
  • A chance to practice that restraint and build self-esteem in one’s positive capabilities
  • Achievement of self-acceptance and the ability to change behaviors
  • Compassion, both for those who have been affected by the addiction and for others who similarly struggle with addiction
  • Tools that make the process a continual practice throughout the individual’s life

Our Promise

Rehab South Florida is committed to patient care and is focused on providing a rehabilitation experience that’s not found elsewhere. We employ many evidence-based treatments and therapies and work with patients one-on-one to devise a rehabilitation plan that’s curated for patient’s individualized addiction needs.

We understand that alcohol dependency is a tough battle to fight and overcome alone which is why many individuals suffering from addiction seek the guidance of the staff here at “Rehab South Florida”.

We look forward to continuing our mission in providing top-notch rehabilitation care to patients and we look forward to building upon the already large list of patients that have successfully recovered from addiction thru utilizing our staff’s clinical experience and our programs.

Begin your journey to recovery today!

Don’t fight addiction alone when helps is only a phone call away! We’re a compassionate-based rehabilitation center that thoroughly understands the complexities surrounding addiction. If you or a family member is in need of a drug rehab center that can provide the intensive treatments that will overcome addiction than contact our facility today to learn more about admissions and what we offer.

Below you’ll find a few ways you can reach us. Our center is open 24/7, 365 days a year and there is always a helpful staff member available to talk.