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Alcohol Detox
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If you’re looking for alcohol detox in Florida than you’re on the right path to sobriety as choosing to attend detox is the first choice you need to make to overcome dependency.  In this all-inclusive guide, we’ll walk you through what you can expect during alcohol detox and how you can get started in our recovery program.   

Participating in alcohol detox is the first step to overcoming dependency to lead a life of sobriety. 

Alcohol rehab centers are available state-wide but not all offer the same level of care and compassion to recovering addicts.  Rehab South Florida is one of the state’s most prolific recovery centers with having successfully treated thousands of patients that have struggled with overcoming their addiction to alcohol; a substance that can be difficult to break away from.

It may come as a surprise but studies to know that around 18 million individuals over the age of 18 struggle with alcohol addiction in the United States.  It’s a problem faced by many and you are not alone.  This figure represents how pressing the issue is nation-wide and we’re excited that you’ve made the first choice to attend detox.

If you or a loved one needs a compassionate based recovery approach for overcoming alcohol dependency, please contact us at 561-933-5522 for admission and program inquiries.

Leading an Alcohol-free life STARTS at Rehab South Florida

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At our state-of-the-art facility, patients receive detoxification treatments from a credentialed and compassionate staff that works with patients one-on-one to devise a recovery plan that’s tailored for their individual recovery needs.  By identifying any underlying or co-occurring disorders that may be prompting the patient to drink, our addiction recovery specialists are able to get to the root of the problem.

Due to the ever-growing demand and popularity of alcohol in today’s modern society, individuals struggling with an alcohol use disorder are continually tempted to “drink”.  From commercials to billboards, and even peer-pressure; it can be difficult to overcome an alcohol addiction when you’re constantly being reminded about it.

At Rehab South Florida, our ultimate end-goal is to help each patient achieve long-term sobriety.  This we’re able to accomplish by not only treating the addiction itself but by also educating patients on how to manage cravings and withdrawals in such a way that doesn’t lead to the use of alcohol.  Our relapse-prevention efforts are held to the highest standards of care which is why over 90% of our patients graduate from detox without encountering a relapse.

At first, attending a Florida alcohol detox center may seem a bit overwhelming but at RSF our friendly addiction recovery experts will treat, guide, and counsel patients throughout the process to ensure a speedy rehabilitation experience with minimal withdrawals.

The initial step of “alcohol detoxification” begins with medical detox.  This is the beginning of your journey where we provide medically supervised detox that will rid the body of any toxins leftover by the alcohol that has not yet been processed.  Medical detox helps patients to experience minimal side effects throughout the process.  During medical detox, patients may face varying degrees of withdrawal-like symptoms but our on-site clinical staff is on standby to tend to any and all patient needs.

Patient comfort and care come first and medical detox will help to reduce complications and/or discomfort during treatments.

Withdrawal Management throughout Detox

Withdrawal Management Throughout Detox
Withdrawal Management Throughout Detox

Alcohol addiction is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can quite literally ruin one’s life if not properly treated.  Despite the adverse health effects linked to alcohol abuse, many users will continue “use” solely for the purpose of avoiding withdrawals.  Usually resulting in both mental and physical discomfort, withdrawals from alcohol can be difficult to manage alone.  At-home detoxification, which is not medically supervised, can be dangerous and even fatal.

Due to the risks tied to self-detoxification, it’s best to seek the intervention of a professional clinical staff/facility where medical supervision can be offered.  Unlike an at-home detox, at Rehab South Florida, patients will receive on-demand care and will be administered anti-craving medication(s) on an as-needed basis to keep side effects to a minimum.

Between evidence-backed therapies and medicated treatments designed for YOUR needs, we’ve become the go-to alcohol rehab center for individuals that want to take their recovery serious.  We’re often times referred to as the best alcohol detox center in Florida as we render the highest level of recovery care possible to ensure the best outcomes are achieved by patients.

Depending on the length in which alcohol was abused, and, how “much” was abused, the severity of withdrawals faced by recovering dependents will vary. 

Some of the side-effects that are commonly experienced during alcohol detox include:

  • Sudden spikes or drops in the heart rate
  • Unusual changes in blood pressure
  • Visuals of objects that aren’t there (hallucination)
  • Restless nights (insomnia)
  • Delirium Tremens which is a potentially life-threatening condition that could cause thoughts of self-harm
  • Depression/Anxiety
Professional Alcohol Detox and Treatment
Professional Alcohol Detox and Treatment

Such symptoms as the ones referenced above are very difficult to manage alone at home without clinical intervention.  At Rehab South Florida, one of the state’s top-rated alcohol rehabilitation centers, we make withdrawals and recovery more manageable.

Ridding the body of leftover toxins stemming from alcohol abuse is our first step to help you with getting your life back on track.  At our facility, we offer various detox programs to patients of which we’ll cover in great detail below.  This write-up is intended to provide you with all of the recovery options available to you so you know what to expect during your journey to sobriety at Rehab South Florida.

Rehab South Florida’s clinical team is dedicated to patient care and takes a holistic stance on treating and curing alcohol abuse disorders.  With a team made up of doctors, therapists, and addiction specialists that have the patients recovery in their best interest, our facility continues to raise the standard in the field of substance abuse recovery care. 

Rehab South Florida patients enrolled in our “Alcohol Detox” program receives award-winning support and care as we:

  • Extend a unique treatment setting that’s peaceful, comforting, and safe
  • Employ a highly experienced and dedicated clinical and “addiction recovery” team with years of experience in dealing with the complexities of alcohol dependency
  • Offer confidential treatment. Your personal information and recovery is safe with our center and will never be shared with anyone outside of our center
  • Make available multiple treatment programs and options including residential treatment, outpatient programs, and medical detox. We also offer post-treatment relapse-prevention care and support groups.
  • Accept multiple insurance providers. We work with multiple insurers to make recovery more easily accessible to those seeking a new start in life.
  • Devise individually-focused treatment plans that are designed for the unique recovery needs of the patient. A specialist works with patients one-on-one during an interview to develop an understanding of the severity of the addiction so an appropriate/effective treatment plan can be structured.
  • Offer industry-leading recovery care that makes use of medication- and evidence-based practices to achieve the best outcomes possible.
  • Treat alcohol dependency in addition to any possible underlying (co0occurring) mental/physical health disorders.

Questions about Treatment

Benefits of Alcohol Detox – Florida Alcohol Rehab Overview

A surprising statistic about alcohol usage, according to a study, is that hospital admissions related to alcohol-induced sicknesses or illness increases by a staggering 80% on the weekends.  It’s safe to say that a lot of users abuse alcohol as their end-of-the-week outlet which of course can lead to serious health issues, or worse, addiction.  Alcohol impacts the cells in the mind that are responsible for regulating mental activity and excitement.

Choosing to attend a Florida alcohol detox center, such as Rehab South Florida, will provide an immense amount of positive health benefits including:

  • Feel better – When you stop consuming alcohol your brain will be able to begin the restoration process as communication between the brains neurons and neurotransmitters will begin to stabilize.
  • Look Younger – Alcohol is also a “diuretic” meaning that as we ingest the substance it effectively dehydrates the skin. Once alcohol detox begins and drinking comes to a stop the collagen levels will begin the restoration process and skin irritation/redness will begin to fade away.
  • Save money – It’s no secret that alcohol can become a costly habit. A recent study suggests that over 4.5 million individuals in the US spend over $200 on a week-to-week basis on alcohol.  Undergoing alcohol detox to rid dependence is not only great for your health but for your wallet too!
  • Social stability – Alcohol consumption can cause its users to become blinded to others in social settings. Many times, intoxicated users will self-isolate themselves and become anti-social.  In some instances, peer pressure in social situations may also influence one’s decision to consume.  While it may not be easy not using alcohol in social-based settings will actually improve one’s ability to acculturate with others.
  • Weight loss – Did you know that alcohol contains almost double the amount of calories as contained in a majority of proteins and carbs found in food that we eat? When you choose to undergo alcohol detox and quit consumption, one of the most noticeable physical changes is how soon your body will begin to “look” healthier, and that’s because it will be! 
  • Heart-healthy decision – Did you know that over 600,000 individuals die every year in the US due to a heart related disease? That’s according to the CDC who states that 1 in every 4 deaths are due to a heart related condition.
  • Find new activities and hobbies – Alcohol prohibits our minds ability to focus and think clearly which can make it difficult to find enjoyment or happiness in previously enjoyed activities. Putting down the habit by attending alcohol detox will help your mind to become more “clear” and will boost your will to replace drinking with another activity that contributes to your overall health.
  • Healthier liver – Did you know that there were over 19,000 deaths in 2014 alone attributed to liver disease stemming from alcohol? Whether it’s liquor, wine, or beer, all alcohol is toxix for your liver to process and can lead to pre-mature liver complication and/or conditions.
  • Amending relationships – Putting an end to your alcohol use will allow you to begin amending broken relationships that may have been impacted during usage. Unfortunately, those that abuse alcohol have an impact on those that love and care about them and may have ruined relationships that can only heal once drinking comes to a stop.
  • More restful sleep – Contrary to popular belief, those that “drink to sleep” often times will suffer from insomnia and will encounter restless sleep. Making the choice to not drink will improve your sleep quality and allow you to get the rest your body deserves.

Does your friend or loved one struggle with Alcohol?  We can help

One of the most difficult things to witness in life is a close relative or friends struggling with addiction, especially when the abuser’s addiction is impacting surrounding relations with others.  Our friends and loved ones rely on those that care about them in their time of need and Rehab South Florida is happy to assist with the process of getting your loved one the help they need. 

While it’s ultimately the addict’s choice to receive help, with understanding and compassion, many times, intervention can accepted and a life can be changed and RSF wants to be a part of making that difference.

Questions about Treatment

When it comes to getting a friend or loved one recovery help for alcohol addiction there are many options and programs available:

  • Support Groups – Support groups are excellent ways for recovering addicts to receive extended support and love from others that are going through similar life-changing transitions to sobriety. Those going through recovery, and, those that have already completed alcohol rehab, can greatly benefit from attending support groups in the sense that it allows participants to socialize with others and share stories of encouragement.
  • Be open and honest – Someone struggling with alcohol addiction may not realize the harm or damage they cause while under the influence. As such, it’s important that you maintain your honesty with them.  If their actions are resulting in harm or chaos around them don’t try to “clean up behind them” as this will only further enable their habits.  Allow him/her the opportunity to “see” what their actions are causing.
  • Financial relief – Unfortunately, many alcoholics turn to their friends and family members for financial aid to support their alcohol use. It’s not all that uncommon for alcohol dependents to become unemployed and economically unstable which can provide financial pressure on those around them.  Instead of enabling their addiction, encourage their independence away from alcohol, do not extend financial support, and contact our clinic at 561-933-5522 to begin creating a course of action for recovery.
  • Spend less time together – One of the healthiest ways to spend time with a friend or loved one struggling with addiction is in “support groups”. It’s recommended that persons’ working with a struggling addict spend less one-on-one time with them as to avoid being manipulated or pressured for help in acquiring their substance of choice.
  • Be expressive – Speak your mind, express your thoughts, and be honest about how you feel with the addict. During these times it’s important to show that you care but you also need to establish boundaries.  Boundaries such as “I’m no longer financing your addiction” are important to make clear so you don’t become a target for manipulation.
  • Professional Intervention – Sometimes our best efforts just aren’t enough and the only recovery solution is to seek the professional clinical intervention of a recovery center, such as Rehab South Florida. Our center offers a safe, peaceful, and substance-free environment for recovering addicts to begin their new start.  Medically supervised detox/rehab offers the highest success rate for recovery and is the best option for those that want the best recovery outcome.

During alcohol detox the body’s ability to process the removal of toxins is enhanced so recovery can begin with minimal withdrawals.  Normally, when a person consumes alcohol, the body begins to naturally detoxify itself.  This occurs by the liver metabolizing ingested alcohol so that the toxins can be effectively processed and ridded from the body.

However, in situations where the dependent consumed alcohol on a daily/consistent basis, the body never has the opportunity to fully detoxify due to the steady ingestion of the substance.  A high and continual presence of alcohol in the system will also be accompanied by more intense cravings during detox which is why medically supervised detox is advised for serious addiction cases.

Alcohol Abuse Vs Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol Abuse Vs Alcohol Addiction

Once the decision to become sober has been made the first step is to stop consumption altogether followed by admission to our facility for treatment.

Many of the patients that come to our facility to break-free from their alcohol addiction were unable to self-detox at home due to the intensity of cravings.  Detoxification at home can be quite difficult to manage, especially alone.  This is why many return to the use of alcohol, to appease cravings.

At Rehab South Florida, our team effectively works with those in recovery to manage withdrawals, cravings, and emotional distress.  This allows our patients to experience recovery on a nearly withdrawal-free journey.

Florida Alcohol Detox – Rehab South Florida

Prior to attending our alcohol rehab program patients will first undergo medically supervised detox where the physical addiction will be tended to and treated.  At Rehab South Florida, detox will begin upon admission to our facility.  During the admissions interview, your addiction, length of abuse, and severity of dependency will be evaluated so an individualized treatment plan can be created.

The purpose of detox is to alleviate the body of toxins leftover by the alcohol so that minimal withdrawals arise throughout the process.  Our on-site clinical staff and addiction recovery specialists are on standby to tend to any and all discomforts that may emerge during detox.  Patient care is our top priority and our compassionate and highly experienced staff ensures patient comfort from beginning to end.

There are predominantly three stages within the detoxification process including:

  • Evaluation – Before beginning alcohol detox patients will be required to undergo a test to identify the presence of drugs/alcohol within the system (if any). During the evaluation a mental health assessment will also be conducted.  Based on the evaluation results a treatment plan will be designed specifically for the recovery needs of that patient.
  • Stabilization – The “stabilization” period makes up the majority of treatment as this is the time period of detox that prepares patients for the transition to rehab. During this treatment period, the Rehab South Florida treatment staff will begin to get patients acclimated to detoxification treatments and will also prepare them for rehab while also tending to symptoms/withdrawals along the way.  The “Rehab South Florida” treatment facility has helped thousands of recovering addicts with overcoming dependency through evidence-based approaches that can help do the same for you.
  • Be receptive to additional treatment – In some cases, especially those where the treated patient is combating a severe case of addiction, alcohol detox may not be enough to put a permanent END to the desire or cravings for consuming alcohol. Due to this, it’s important for patients to build a willingness to participate in post-detox treatment; rehab.

How long does it take to complete Alcohol detox?

At Rehab South Florida we strive to make the transition to sobriety a quick process but there’s no “set” number of days/weeks that it takes to complete.  The amount of time it takes to complete detox will vary from dependent to dependent.

Some of the factors that dictate the amount of time needed in detox include:

  • How often/consistent you consumed alcohol
  • The volumes of alcohol ingested during times of consumption
  • The duration of time in which alcohol was used
  • Personal recovery commitment and goals
  • Previous recovery attempts (if any) at another detox/rehab centers
  • The current state of health and medical conditions