Medication Assisted Treatment


Conducted by our highly trained and experienced addiction treatment staff, we provide medication maintenance, behavioral therapy & counseling to help patients experience a smooth, stress-free transition to sobriety.

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About Rehab South Florida:

Best Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in West Palm Beach

We’re not your traditional recovery center – RSF is often times referred to as the best Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in Florida as our continuum of care and individualized treatment programs address addiction from all angles to bring about the best recovery outcomes possible.

“Where” you choose to receive treatment is an important component of your journey. A qualified and well-credentialed center can be the hinge on your door to sobriety.

Rehab South Florida’s comprehensive approach to addiction treatment and one-on-one support provides patients with the individualized care, treatment, and counseling required for a successful recovery.

Addiction can be a tough battle to fight but you don’t need to face this challenge alone. Our highly experienced staff has decades of combined treatment experience and is passionate to the cause of helping those struggling with addiction to overcome dependency in a caring, nurturing, and holistic approach.

Services Offered

Rehab South Florida is a state-approved substance abuse recovery center offering multiple levels of care and recovery-focused treatment programs.  Some of the services at RSF include medically-supervised detox, PHP/IOP/OP,  and interventional advice for someone entering in to rehab.

At RSF, we offer what many clients deem to be the best of all characteristics under one roof.

Some of the key characteristics that the best rehab centers share in common include:

Recovery-centric programs: Top-rated rehab centers are commonly those that offer a wide array of treatment programs and services to meet the recovery demands of individuals.  To ensure total-wellness recovery, choose a center that offers multiple levels of care and programs as this will better ensure programs to meet your recovery goals are available.

Highly-qualified addiction treatment specialists: Rehab centers that employ only the highest of qualified treatment professionals signifies that centers’ commitment to being the best outpatient rehab possible.  Top-rated rehab staff teams, such as the one at Rehab South Florida, consist of counselors, therapists (that are available for one-on-one sessions), and highly-trained doctors that understand the complexities of addiction treatment to design affective recovery plans.

Accreditations: The best Drug and Alcohol rehabs are those with state recognition and accreditation from the Joint Commission (JCAHO).  Such accreditations truly signify that centers commitment to maintaining compliance with both regulatory and standard-of-care protocols.

Call Us: 561-933-5522

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is an intensively designed treatment program for struggling addicts that don’t require around-the-clock care.


Our Intensive Outpatient program offers patients an intense, structured, and recovery-focused treatment experience that accommodates their work and home life.

Out-Patient Rehab

Our Outpatient Rehab is ideal for those motivated to overcome addiction while requiring the flexibility to schedule treatments around their availability.


Medication assisted treatment, conducted by our highly trained and experienced addiction treatment staff, joins together medications, behavioral therapy, and counseling to help patients experience a smooth, stress-free transition to sobriety.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Vikram Tarugu M.D

Dr. Vikram Tarugu has undergone extensive training in Addiction Medicine, and is a certified Physician permitted to prescribe Suboxone to patients.
Medical Director

Dr. Muhammad Syed M.D

Doctor of internal medicine, C.F.O. He is Instrumental in the success of Detox of South Florida. He is known for his cheerful, ever happy and helpful attitude.
Director Of Operations

Anthony Camaerei

Anthony Camaerei, MBA. currently services as Director of Operations for Rehab South Florida, a dual-diagnosis treatment center in Lantana, FL.
Clinical Director

Cassandra Sierra

Cassandra Sierra LMHC, MS currently services as Clinical Director of Rehab South Florida, a dual-diagnosis treatment center in Lantana, FL.
Nurse Practitioner

Whitney Lingenfelter

As a board certified Nurse Practitioner she provides a wide range of services to her patients. She is skilled in transcranial -magnetic stimulation (TMS), as well as MAT therapy.
Questions patients ask

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What characteristics should I look for in a good Outpatient Rehab Center?

Before choosing a rehab center there are some points of consideration to take into account.  To start, not all centers provide the same level of care and treatment.  It’s vitally important to the health of your recovery that you commit yourself to a center that takes a patient-centric approach while incorporating evidence-based therapies and treatment protocols.

At Rehab South Florida, top-level care and treatment services aimed to address and resolve the underlying causes of client addictions has enabled our patients to achieve improved recovery outcomes.  One RSF characteristic that patients enjoy is the help of our incredibly compassionate, experienced, and result-driven staff members that are motivated by client recovery.

What types of addictions do you treat?

Rehab South Florida specializes in the treatment of drug- and alcohol-based addictions.  Through a comprehensive recovery approach that often includes a dual-diagnosis assessment to determine if more than one addiction is present (in order to more effectively treat the addiction), our highly trained staff has decades of combined treatment experience for prescription painkillers, opioid, and alcohol-challenged dependencies.

Allow our treatment staff to help you through the challenges of addiction in a monitored and nearly symptom-free approach in our outpatient rehab program – an excellent option for recovery where you can maintain your normal day-to-day employment/life responsibilities.

How long does addiction treatment/rehabilitation take?

This varies from client to client and is dependent on the classes of drugs used, the combination of substances taken/abused, and the length in which abuse has taken place.  Prior medical history and a physical wellness exam will also influence the duration of one’s treatment.

Rehab South Florida offers both inpatient and outpatient programs.  For more severe addiction cases, clients are recommended to our inpatient program where they’ll be presented with 30, 60, and 90-day treatment options.

An admission specialist will discuss our available programs with you in-depth and will work with you closely to build an understanding of your recovery needs and goals.  This information we collect allows our clinicians and treatment-administering doctors to design personalized recovery plans during which your duration of stay will be determined.

Overall, how much does addiction treatment cost?

The cost of treatment is dictated by an array of variables ranging from the type of treatment program(s) you attend to the duration of your treatments.  Fortunately, Rehab South Florida is missioned to make recovery more accessible to those in needs and has an extensive listed of accepted policy coverage providers.

Patients are able to access the care they need using plans from coverage providers that include Cigna, Aetna, TUFTS Health Plan, AmeriHealth, Vital Source, United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield and CareFirst.

Do You Allow Visitations?

Rehab South Florida believes in the power of family involvement; it’s a crucial component to one’s recovery to be surrounded by those that love and care about them the most.  This is why Rehab South Florida coordinates family-meeting times where on-site visitation between approved members and the client take place in a relaxed, solace, home-styled environment.

This allows patients to receive understanding and compassion; a much-helpful tool for coping with the transition to sobriety.

What happens In the event of a Relapse?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the relapse rates among those in rehab fall between 40%-60%.  Regardless of how diligently you pursue recovery or how highly your commitment is to lifelong sobriety, there’s a small yet present chance that you relapse; at some point.

Upon a relapse, it’s easy for that individual to become depressed.  Often, feelings of shame and regret take over and they begin to believe they’re not strong-willed enough to overcome addiction. 

If you’ve relapsed, you may give up hope and no longer fight to give up addiction as you once did.

Rather, use this relapse a stepping stone, use it as a learning tool; identify and study your triggers and clarify your recovery plan.  By better understanding your triggers you’ll be more apt to avoid situations that encourage use of the desired substance(s) which in turn promotes abstinence.

At Rehab South Florida, outpatient rehab patients will have access to specialists to receive support and counsel from in the event a relapse takes place.

What our patients say

Client Testimonials

The RSF staff is privileged to play such an important role in the lives of so many.  Treatment staff members are highly motivated by client recovery outcomes and works diligently with patients to ensure a successful and nearly symptom-free journey.  Patient comfort is a top-priority and the standard of care offered is reflected in our client’s testimonials.

This place has given me another chance at recovery. This Is is the best place i ever been too out of many rehabs. The staff is full of love and empathy and helps you through your issues.
West Palm Beach, Florida
We Accept Private


Our mission is to make rehab more easily accessible to those in need.  Rehab South Florida accepts all forms of private insurance and has many payment options.  Call to speak with an admissions specialist to discuss your coverage and recovery goals.

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